Social Business Trends in the Enterprise


Chris Moody – Director, Oracle Marketing Cloud

In my continuing series of interviews with smart people at the popular social media conference, Social Fresh East, I sat down with Chris Moody, Director, Content Marketing & Social Media, Oracle Marketing Cloud.


Where are we in Social Business?

Chris is quick to point out that the state of social business is very focused on driving business results. Social media teams are tasked with having a clear understanding of business goals, developing a strategy and driving results that measure against those goals. More organizations are focusing on strategy, which is a welcome trend. In other words, social business is not about measuring retweets, likes and +1s, but rather measuring business outcomes.

Chris also sees a growing trend in the convergence of content and social media. Brands realize the need to create relevant content that is used to reach and engage the intended audience in alignment with business goals.

What about the C-Suite?

Chris shares his observation from his role at Oracle in their Marketing Cloud product line where he sees the c-suite becoming more involved in social. The c-suite is increasingly recognizing the need to demonstrate transparency and thought leadership. Rather than hiding in the background, or delegating all of social media engagement to staffers, more c-suite members have come to understand the value of participating in social to humanize their brand, and to lead by example for their employees.

Oracle Marketing Cloud_Social_Fresh

The evolving role of the employee.

More employees are assuming a training role in social due to internal enablement. As more brands provide frictionless ways to get employees involved in social, without forcing them, we’re seeing more employees taking a leadership role in participation and thought leadership. Consider that thought leadership is not limited to the c-suite. Any employee with domain expertise and a willingness to engage in a constructive and conversational manner can become a thought leader. As more employees understand the value of social, they are getting involved and helping each other, and contributing to the corporate brand.

Advice for newbies…

Chris’ advice for brands early in the social business journey starts with suggesting the development of a strong alignment between content and social. He recommends emphasis on engaging, build relationships and, of course alignment with the business goals. Measure everything. Learn what types of content work, and how to build social into the business goals.

Catch the entire interview with Chris Moody in the video above.

Photos by: Anthony Quintano