Livin’ the Life with “TRIGGER” Based Selling Tools

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Livin’ the Life with “TRIGGER” Based Selling Tools

As a Social Selling Evangelist, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to keep as updated as possible about the latest happenings with my buyers, clients, partners and competitors. There is a plethora of social listening tools for sales available on the market.  Which is the right one?  Which can help you weed through the noise?

If you are in Sales or a Business Owner…

Then Owler is an AMAZING tool with the singular goal of cutting through the noise of your news or RSS feeds.  After spending some time with Jim Fowler, Owlers’ CEO, I was hooked.  I now use it daily to keep up to date on the movement of my clients, partners, and competitors, and all of my reports are delivered daily to my inbox.

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With over 11 million companies and 300,000 business professionals contributing to Owler’s data, no stone goes unturned.  It provides me with insights faster and more accurately than I have been able to achieve using Google Alerts or even with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool!

Once I’ve created my network of companies within the tool, Owler monitors every move that those companies make.  When Owler digs up something relevant to me, whether it be news on a competitor or a change in the executive team of a prospect, it delivers that data straight to my inbox.  These give me an Instant Insight into the movement within my network.  It also includes a Daily Snapshot, Weekly Showdown, and other information that could be valuable to me.  Each report includes a summary of each company’s activity in the media, including news, public relations, and press releases.

social listening tools for sales like Owler

On top of that, Owler’s ability to create in-depth profiles on seemingly every company under the sun makes them second to none in terms of their range of information.  By implementing both crowdsourced data and public documents, they are able to deliver information and context in a way that is all too rare, which is exactly why I use Owler everyday.  It allows me to engage with “TRIGGER” based selling – something that happens with a prospect, partner, or competitor, and I can then take immediate action on it.

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Here is a great funding alert about a potential lead:

social listening tools for sales like OwlerWith Owler, I don’t only get great service – I get a legitimate leg up on competitors by never losing valuable info within what would otherwise be an over saturated newsfeed.  It knows who and what matters to me in my professional life and presents it to me in a crisp, across-the-board manner. I no longer have to waste time digging through cluttered feeds for data – it’s already waiting for me in my inbox.  And therein lies the simple beauty of Owler.

A report emailed to me about companies I’m tracking:

social listening tools for sales like Owler

So if you are a Business Owner, Sales Rep or Leader, this is a great tool for you to leverage in staying up-to-date with what you need to know, when you need to know it!

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