Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

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Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

Dr. Patrick MacNamara is a licensed chiropractor.  In this podcast, Dr. Mac shares how his chiropractic education didn’t prepare him for the business world. Early in his practice, he struggled with marketing.  He learned about Affordable Management Consulting, aka, AMC. He hired them and his practice exploded. Eventually, AMC asked him to join them to help other chiropractors explode their business. Dr. Mac was inspired by a report from Richard Telofski.  It said that less than 1% of chiropractors blogged. And, only one third of them were effectively using their blog to grow their practice.  That’s when Dr. Mac realized that chiropractors needed help with their social media strategy.  He began studying social media by following podcasters and bloggers like me and others. He read my book, Marketing 2.0, and has been a loyal listener of my podcasts since the beginning. He launched his Next Generation Chiropractor blog in April 2009. His blog targets the next generation of chiropractors, comprised of those just coming out of school that will more likely embrace marketing 2.0. Dr. Mac is also active on Twitter.

One-to-Many Effect

Dr. Mac fell in love with the idea of helping the chiropractic profession. Dr. Todd Osborne inspired him when he said that when you treat patients, you can only impact the patients you treat. But, by teaching chiropractors to market themselves more effectively he can impact more patients than he could ever impact in his own practice. It’s a one-to-many, rather than one-to-one effect.

Marketing to the New Generation of Chiropractors

As chiropractors have become more aware of social media, they are finding Dr. Mac through his blog. But, there’s a long way to go. The new generation of chiropractors spend more time online than more established chiropractors.  He’s trying to bridge the gap between the traditional marketing mindset and the new marketing mindset for chiropractors. His blog is the primary bridge for Dr. Mac. He quickly points out that the marketing that worked in the past for chiropractors (Yellow pages, direct mail) doesn’t work as well anymore. Dr. Mac has stepped up to the plate to help other chiropractors make the transition to Marketing 2.0.

Those Who Get It Never Go Back

Dr. Mac shows empathy for his peers in chiropractic care. He views his role as helping them expand the way they think. Once they expand their thinking, they can never go back to the previous way of thinking. The mindset shift for chiropractors is imperative. Dr. Mac does 4 to 6 hour presentations on how to market a chiropractic practice, then provides a webcast version as a follow up resource. He’s also available as a resource to chiropractors to answer questions.  The chiropractors that embrace the new marketing mindset come to understand it takes work and commitment. Many chiropractors have seen other chiropractors succeeding with inbound marketing, which inspires them to keep at it.

Success Stories

Dr. Jon Heins was one of the first that interacted with Dr. Mac on his blog. He developed his blog and within about three months he experienced a 20% increase in his business by sharing his blog content and using his Twitter account to engage with the local community. He followed all of Dr. Mac’s advice including techniques such as using hashtags and creating SEO friendly blog content.  He has moved full speed ahead down the Marketing 2.0 road.

Dr. Todd Sullivan is found online primarily through his blog. He has worked hard at consistently creating content, and being a good listener. He’s a young chiropractor, just five years out of school. So, the Internet is native to him. He also uses video marketing. His organic SEO works well from his online press releases and article marketing. His number one source of patients is referrals from medical doctors. His second highest source of new patients is from his blog, i.e., his inbound marketing strategy. His patients are likely to share his content and spread the word because so many of them are online.

After doing a presentation in 2009, Dr. Mac was approached by a chiropractor who said he didn’t fully understand all the Marketing 2.0 techniques. But, he was slowly implementing a strategy through his Facebook fan page. He had already experienced an influx of college students coming in from Facebook. It turns out his office is located across the street from a college campus. Traditional marketing wasn’t bringing in college students. But, his Facebook fan page brought the college students in the front door.

Dr. Mac’s Advice for Chiropractors

Dr. Mac advises chiropractors to develop a strong presence online. Get out of the 1.0 web world. Become interactive through a content hub starting with a blog. Share your blog content through other channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Identify the demographics you target.  Refine your content to appeal to the niche of your target demographics, e.g., young patients, older patients, etc.

Dr. Mac quotes Steven Covey: “Technology is a wonderful slave, but a horrible master.” Dr. Mac’s purpose at his Next Generation Chiropractor blog is to train chiropractors how to use this wonderful technology available at our fingertips to increase their practice in order to use it to treat more patients.

I hope you’ll listen to the entire podcast recording above. Just click the play button, or subscribe to my podcast in iTunes. Dr. Mac received insights and inspiration in part from my book, Marketing 2.0 and my podcasts. I am very humbled by that. If his story inspires you, let me know in the comments section.

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  • Dr. Jon P. Heins

    Thank you for mentioning me Dr. MacNamara! I am both, honored and humbled at the same time and really appreciate all that you've done and keep doing to help me and the rest of our great profession!
    Bernie, I definitely ran with it and continue to do so and you are correct it is a lot of time and effort but now, as Dr. Mac pointed out, since becoming a member of the AMC Family, I and more importantly my staff, now have implemented a complete system within the practice itself so now all my efforts are really starting to paying off.

    • FindandConvert

      Dr. Heins,
      Thank you for your support. It is a pleasure to share your story. As you are experiencing, it is a lot of work, but it's not a matter of work, it's a matter of working smart. And, you are working smart and reaping the benefits.

      I hope you'll subscribe to my blog for future podcasts.

  • Matt

    Always good to see more quality content coming out. F and C is a interesting concept. Thanks Matt

  • Patrick MacNamara

    Thanks again, Bernie, for the opportunity to speak with you on this edition of the Find and Convert podcast. It was a true honor since I consider you a mentor within the world of blogs and social media marketing.

    I'll continue to promote your book to colleagues both online and off. It truly is an excellent source and articulates the big idea behind Inbound Marketing extremely well.

    Keep up the great work! You are making a difference!!

    • FindandConvert

      Dr. Mac,
      I am very grateful for your participation and honored by your kind words. You too are making a difference by helping chiropractors market more effectively which helps them to reach more people who can benefit from chiropractic care.

  • Karen

    It's bleak out there without a guide. Thanks for the help!

    • FindandConvert

      Glad this podcast was useful to you!

  • @NateBW


    Although my field is eye care, everything that Dr. Mac says is applicable to me and my colleagues. I've already passed this on to my friends and plan to follow up with Dr. Mac.

    Great work! 🙂

    • FindandConvert

      Hi Nate,
      Thanks for your kind words. I totally agree. These marketing principles apply to all fields. I hope Dr. Mac's wisdom helps your practice grow!

  • Qigong

  • wholesale nhl

    Hi Nate,
    Thanks for your kind words. I totally agree. These marketing principles apply to all fields.

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  • Nona Kazan

    That sounds fine although i'm still less than sure that I prefer it. At any rate will look further into it and decide for myself! 🙂

  • FindandConvert

    Glad to know your marketing efforts are paying off!

  • Seattle Neck pain

    Marketing is so very important! I doing all of my online marketing with Revamp Republic. Since starting with them, I get 5+ new customers each month.

  • Lorinda Yoquelet

    Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always useful to read articles from other authors and use a little something from other web sites.

  • Stephen

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