Social Selling Insights from #1 Social Influencer on Cloud Software in the UK

Ian Moyse is Sales Director at Axios Systems in the UK. Some of his recent accolades include being honored as UK Sales Director of the Year by the Institute of Sales and Marketing in 2015, #1 Social Influencer in Cloud in 2015 and 2016 by Onalytica and ranked 48th globally as a Data Security Influencer by Onalytica. He reminds us that you “can’t always predict what you’re going to get in the end,” just go on the journey and see where it leads you.

Ian points out how the customer is inundated with information and social selling provides another way to engage. He started his social journey in the early days of LinkedIn, engaging, researching, joining groups, etc. Then in 2009 he joined Twitter and has since expanded into most social networks. To simplify the process he uses tools to schedule content.

Social selling is still selling to people. And those people, your buyers, are doing research online. Not only are they looking at your brand, they’re looking at you personally. It’s easy for people to review your LinkedIn profile, so they do it, and the first impression they have of you is often made before you even meet. Ian recommends being conscious of your privacy settings and to search for yourself on Google and review the results for professionalism.

“Social selling is a key professional aspect today and moving forward. It doesn’t replace what we’ve done, but it is a big contributor to the success of salespeople.”

To succeed in social selling, Ian points out that the business needs to support the idea. “Social selling is not a quick hit, instant gratification method.” It doesn’t replace your traditional sales methodologies; it should run in parallel with them.

social selling ian moyse

In the podcast episode, Ian shares how he reached out to a director because of interests listed on her LinkedIn profile. He then did her a favor by connecting her with someone else. Toward the end of their conversation, he brought up business matters and got the introduction to the CIO. Knowing who she was, Ian researched her interests and engaged with her on Twitter thereby making a connection. What Ian is portraying so effectively here is how social selling is about building relationships online on commonalities to eventually take the conversation offline.

The way people engage in B2B has evolved over the years. Starting with the telephone, incorporating email about 30 years ago, and then adding in social media about five years ago. Most, however, are not leveraging social even though it is within their reach. The buyer has changed, but we can’t change their behavior. Even if your buyer is not active on social, be aware that millennials are trusted advisors to buyers and hold much influence in the buyer’s journey.

“Social selling is not marketing’s job! It is firmly rooted in sales.”

Tune in to hear more from Ian on how he has embraced social selling at Axios with impressive results for his customers and for his personal brand.

Ian shares why social is not only a job for marketing

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