Social Selling Tips: How to Update your LinkedIn® Background

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Social Selling Tips: How to Update your LinkedIn® Background

Is your LinkedIn background photo set to the default banner, or are you taking advantage of this prime digital real estate? The LinkedIn background image is your chance to make a lasting impression above the fold.

As Vengreso’s Sales Director Chuck Shaver said in the below video, “It’s like a digital billboard.” And unlike the billboards along the highway, this one is free!

In Chuck’s first Quick Tip of the Week, he explained how to choose a LinkedIn headshot that professionally establishes your identity. Keep reading or watch this under-three-minute video to see why you should customize your LinkedIn background and what to include.

Unlike the billboards along the highway, #LinkedIn Profile banners are 100% free, but have the same effect! What should your LinkedIn background image look like? Find out in this quick read featuring #DigitalSales Coach @ChuckShaver. #SalesClick To Tweet

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Background for Social Selling

If your current LinkedIn background banner is the default option, it’s “like an advertising billboard that’s not getting utilized.” Why wouldn’t you promote yourself or your business there?

A custom LinkedIn banner helps to:

  1. Drive people to your brand
  2. Build awareness
  3. Make your profile visually appealing

Here are a few things you may want to include when creating your LinkedIn background image:

Whether you enlist a graphic designer or create your banner, remember that the size should be 1,584 pixels by 396 pixels. Also, think about how it will look on mobile versus desktop. The profile image sits on the left side when using LinkedIn on a desktop, and shifts to the middle when viewed on mobile.

#SellingWithLinkedIn 101: How to optimize your LinkedIn background image for #SocialSelling. Vengreso #DigitalSellling expert, @ChuckShaver has all the details! #LinkedInTipsClick To Tweet

Your LinkedIn background photo assists with brand recognition and allows you to visually add a sense of who you are and what you do for your prospects. Don’t neglect the opportunity to make a connection with buyers using this available space.

Optimize Your Profile for Your Target Buyer

Most senior-level influencers and decision-makers only engage with sales professionals who have a credible profile on LinkedIn. One thing that boosts your credibility as a seller is a visible personal branding. Your background image can help you establish that branding, but it doesn’t end there. There are still so many areas on your LinkedIn profile that you can improve.

Learn what these sections are and how you can optimize them for your target buyer. Download the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles for Sales Professionals.

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Kurt Shaver

Kurt Shaver is a co-founder and Chief Sales Officer of Vengreso. Kurt is an expert at getting sales teams to adopt new sales tools and techniques. Through a successful career in technology sales, Kurt learned what it takes to reach B2B decision makers. As a VP of Sales for a global software company, Kurt was the executive sponsor of a rollout. That’s how he learned what it takes to get salespeople to adopt new tools and techniques. That knowledge led to him launch his own Salesforce consulting business in 2008. When LinkedIn went public in 2011, Kurt recognized that LinkedIn would be the next great sales technology and that it would require expert training. He pivoted his business and now has over 10,000 hours of experience training corporate sales teams like CenturyLink, Ericsson, and TelePacific Communications. Kurt is the creator of the Social Selling Boot Camp and is a member of the National Speakers Association. He frequently speaks at corporate sales meetings and conferences like Dreamforce, Sales 2.0, and LinkedIn’s Sales Connect.

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