Effective Social Selling Training Is About More Than Features

VengresoBlog Post Effective Social Selling Training Is About More Than Features
Effective Social Selling Training Is About More Than Features

Effective Social Selling Training Is About More Than Features

Has your company invested in LinkedIn Sales Navigator? How many salespeople are using it? According to Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez Jr., many companies have only a 20 percent or less adoption rate by salespeople, and it’s likely due to a lack of social selling training.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most powerful tool available, but it’s also the most expensive tool in the sales tech stack. Seeing such a low adoption rate can be frustrating. Mario says the problem is that LinkedIn’s training isn’t enough.

In the video above, Mario is joined by Vengreso CMO Bernie Borges, and the two discuss this topic further. Keep reading or watch the video to hear about Mario’s experience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s training in a previous role and how to effectively train your sales team on the product.

Have you invested in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but your sales team is barely using it for prospecting? @M_3Jr says this may be due to lack of #SocialSelling Training. @BernieBorges #DigitalSelling #SalesTrainingClick To Tweet

Realizing You Need Additional Social Selling Training

Before starting Vengreso, Mario was in a sales leadership role where he experienced Sales Navigator’s CSM training firsthand. He says that training is all about the features and the product itself. The trainers don’t go into explaining the value of the tool and most companies suffer a low adoption rate because of it.

Think about the last time you introduced a new phone system at your company. A representative either came in or you were sent videos on how it works. How to put people on hold, how to transfer calls, and how to set up a voicemail message. Did they teach your team what they should be saying during their calls? No, of course not! You would bring in a sales trainer or do the coaching yourself for that.

It’s a similar experience with Sales Navigator. The training is all about how the tool works.

Yes, your team will need to know how to create an InMail, but knowing where to go and what to click on isn’t enough. They need a digital selling strategy. Skills-based social selling training and ongoing coaching will be necessary for them to start generating leads with LinkedIn.

Take these steps to train your salespeople on LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively:

  1. Teach the skillset.
  2. Explain how to write the correct messaging.
  3. Create a process and develop a cadence.
  4. Reinforce your cadence.

As Bernie says, if you go out and buy the greatest surfboard on the market, but you don’t have the skills, your fancy surfboard isn’t going to help you with the big waves. Even with the best gear, in this case, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you still need social selling training to be successful.

You can't just invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and not invest in your sales team's #DigitalSelling skills. Find out why from #Sales experts, @M_3Jr and @BernieBorges. #SocialSelling #SalesTrainingClick To Tweet

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