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How To Be A Modern Marketer In The Age Of Data And Analytics

For this episode, Bernie invited Victor Belfor SVP of Channel Sales and Business Development at Conversica to describe what he’s seeing in his interaction with CMOs and modern marketers across a variety of industries.From his seat as a business development exec at a marketing tech company, Victor is exposed to marketers across many companies. That means he’s got a strong read on the pulse of the modern marketer. Victor calls it like he sees it and offers suggestions you can use, on this episode.

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How Marketers Can Use Emotionally Intelligent Language to Create Action

Making emotionally intelligent connections through digital marketing at scale is possible, and you’ll hear how it’s happening in this conversation between host Bernie Borges and his guest, Aaron Masih, Chief Operating Officer at Persado.

Digital Selling Podcast Selling With Social

Why AI Based Relationship Intelligence Will Drive More Referrals, with Paul Teshima, Episode #55

Paul Teshima joins Mario Martinez, for this conversation about how selling through relationships leads to more closed B2B deals, on this episode of Selling With Social.

Digital Selling

4 AI-Powered Strategies for Retailers to Convert Holiday Browsers into Buyers

Four AI powered strategies for retailers to win the holidays.

Sales Leadership

Why Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting B2B Sales

Many have said that AI is the biggest thing in technology EVER! The promise of AI powered systems to suggest qualified leads to a B2B salesperson is very exciting. AI will change the way we sell in B2B forever.

Content for Sales

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Produce Content that Gets Results

As much as 90% of content produced by marketers doesn’t work. Discover the reality of improving content marketing results through an AI powered content marketing strategy.

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