Mario Martinez Jr.

Two Lead Generation Strategies That Work

Many B2B marketers fail to offer website visitors and social media encounters compelling reasons to engage. The biggest mistake in online B2B marketing is limiting CTAs to “contact us.” So often a website visitor is conducting research. They are simply not ready to “contact you.” But, if you offer a B2B website visitor something compelling that aligns with their stage in the buying process, they will often accept your offer. Traditionally, a popular B2B CTA has been a white paper download. This can be very effective, but it’s so common that it must be compelling. White paper CTAs with an image and a benefit statement usually perform best. E-books can perform even better than white papers.

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B2B Buzz Marketing with Paul Dunay

Paul and his colleagues at Avaya defined the mission of all the social marketing to be: Powerful, Authentic, Personal Interaction. They defined several objectives including demonstrating thought leadership, building brand awareness, increasing demand, and producing sales leads. Since Avaya had already started doing many tactics on the social web, the decided to consolidate their strategy across four platforms: The Avaya corporate blog, customer forum, a few TW profiles and the Avaya Facebook Fan page.

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