Mario Martinez Jr.

Business Blogging 4 Keys to Success

Running a successful business blog doesn’t have to be difficult. But, you do have to make a plan about how to manage it. The tips here are basics to get you started. Stick with a schedule to keep your momentum steady. With a little practice, maintaining a successful business blogging strategy with new content for your current audience and new visitors will take care of itself.

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Social Media Marketing: The Good, Bad and Ugly

After giving a presentation I like to chat with people about it to get feedback on what resonated with them. Not surprisingly, the topic, which almost always bubbles to the top, is blogging. I’m convinced that blogging has risen to the top of B2B marketer’s fears right up there with fear of public speaking and fear of heights. I continually hear about the fear of people leaving negative comments, or bloggers writing poorly, or not having anything to say, blah, blah, blah! I suggest their biggest fear is getting started! Business blogging is like jumping into a pool of cold water. It may take some getting used to, but once you acclimate and build momentum you’ll wish you had started five years ago like Indium Corp.

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Outbound Marketing Meets Inbound Marketing

Enthusem is the only outbound marketing system (that I know about) that truly combines personalized outbound marketing with inbound marketing strategies. The online attachment to a personalized card is the content which marries the outbound touch to the inbound contact. When someone receives my Enthusem card one of two things can happen. They can read the card and toss it. Or, they can read the card and visit the online attachment. In both cases, I’ve created some awareness for my brand. In the latter, I’ve created a lead which I can nurture.

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