Mario Martinez Jr.

B2B Leads Approved by Sales How to Attract Them

I recently co-hosted a webinar with Dale Underwood, CEO of EchoQuote and Tony Gonzales, Sales Director at Federal Appliance, a successful user of this lead generation technique. Below is the entire webinar recording. If you are a Marketing or Sales executive responsible for lead generation in a B2B selling environment, this webinar will be worthwhile.

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B2B Website Conversion Strategies: Self Service Calls to Actions

B2B buyers have many options when they do their research on the web and therefore, they are harder to convert to leads. Many marketers struggle with how to engage a B2B website visitor. Marketers must look at their website from the customer’s point of view. Visit your website as a prospective customer. Ask yourself if your website content and calls to action are engaging for visitors at different stages of their buying cycle.

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