stressed social media marketing manager
Mario Martinez Jr.

3 Common Challenges in Social Media Marketing

Each time I deliver a two-day workshop on Facebook and Twitter for Marketers I take away some new observations and insights from fellow marketers. The three most common social media marketing challenges discussed during this class were: Producing content; Being relevant; Management comprehension.

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Social Networking for Job Seekers

Bernie Borges recently presented a seminar for job seekers. He presented five strategies for social networking that can turbo charge a job search. The five strategies are: Acquire the Mindset of a Triathlete, Basic Social Networking Best Practices, Social Networking Like the Pros, Become an Entrepreneur and Good Enough Isn’t. Bernie’s slide presentation is available for download.

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Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most common mistakes marketers make is thinking they need a Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn strategy. They don’t! They need a social media marketing strategy. These web platforms become part of the execution strategy. This blog post is excerpted from Bernie Borges’ book Marketing 2.0, to offer marketers advice on how to develop a social media marketing strategy.

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