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The 3 E’s of Content Marketing

When I wrote Marketing 2.0 in 2009 I set out to write a book for the average marketer. My goal was for marketers, particularly in small and midsize businesses and non-profits, to understand what social media is and how to embrace it productively. I boiled my book down to two core principles: content marketing and relationship building (through your content). In this post, I focus on content marketing because it is so crucial. And, truth be told, I still see many marketers struggle with their content marketing strategy.

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B2B Buzz Marketing with Paul Dunay

Paul and his colleagues at Avaya defined the mission of all the social marketing to be: Powerful, Authentic, Personal Interaction. They defined several objectives including demonstrating thought leadership, building brand awareness, increasing demand, and producing sales leads. Since Avaya had already started doing many tactics on the social web, the decided to consolidate their strategy across four platforms: The Avaya corporate blog, customer forum, a few TW profiles and the Avaya Facebook Fan page.

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