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Josh Smith

Google’s Blueprint for Search Domination

One thing is for certain the search experience will become much more personalized than it is already when Google has more data to shift through. Soon the days of the lopsided algorithm that currently consist of who has the most authorative backlinks will begin to be a thing of the past.

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Inbound Marketing Is All About Leverage

Inbound marketing allows a company to leverage content assets online to produce connections with people who have interest in your company’s products. Ignoring this leverage opportunity is very risky in a marketing economy where established competitors can surpass you with inbound marketing strategies quickly. Worse yet, newer nimble and inbound marketing savvy competitors can come out of seemingly nowhere and eat your lunch.

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Measuring Results in Social Media Marketing

Tracking the reach of your content in social media is just a part of the measuring results secret sauce. You also need to gain insights so you can measure your progress and take action. A metaphor comes to mind. Social media marketing is like flying an airplane. The sophisticated cockpit constantly calculates the extent to which the plan has shifted from its course route and makes the necessary adjustment to get the plane back on its course. In social media marketing, you must similarly be tracking and interpreting in order to know when and how much you must adjust your content strategy and your tactics to stay on course.

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