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Balancing Traditional Selling vs. The Modern Sales Approach

To meet the demands of the modern buyer, your sales organization must implement a modern sales approach that combines with traditional selling techniques.

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Best Sales Books: 55 Top Picks for More Sales Conversations

55 Best Sales Books. The 2021 edition includes top influencers and authors, with tips that will help you create more conversations and close more sales.

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Sales Forecasting to Accurately Predict Revenue Every Quarter

At the end of every month, quarter, and year sales leaders are trying to figure out what is going to close and what is going to slip. Sales forecasting is a challenge for most sales teams, either because they don’t know how to do it or because their methods are imprecise. According to Clari, 93% […]

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Sales and Marketing Budget: Use it or Lose it?

Don’t lose 2021 budget because you didn’t spend it all in 2020. The Vengreso team suggests 9 ways to use your end-of-year sales and marketing budget.

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4 Strategies to Drive Marketing Results with Limited Resources

Driving marketing results with limited resources is a challenge for any marketing leader. David Buffaloe, CMO of Vertical IQ explains his success formula.

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Thinking of Hiring an Outsourced Sales Company But Not Sure It’s The Best Move?, with Benjamin Simms, Episode #142

Subscribe to Modern Selling on the App of Your Choice! For many sales leaders, it’s unthinkable to consider an outsourced sales team, simply because it’s way outside the box we typically operate within. But my guest on this episode of #ModernSelling has many persuasive reasons outsourcing your sales team may be the absolute best way […]

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3 Ways Your Sales Reps Can Fill Their Pipeline with Video

Vengreso teaches sales reps 16 use cases for personalized video messaging. These 3 use cases can get your reps started with video messaging now.

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How to Welcome to the Team New Employees When Working Remotely

How do you make new employees feel special when you manage a remote team? Discover how we at Vengreso welcome new employees through video conference calls.

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The Three Pillars of Marketing at Sykes, a Global Brand

There are great marketing lessons to learn from a global brand like Sykes! Listen to hear how they market internally, in the marketplace, and for recruiting

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How AI Sales Assistants Are Changing Automotive Dealerships 

The advent of AI Sales Assistants are making engagement with buyers even more effective at auto dealerships around the country. Find out more on this eipsode.