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Taking Advantage of B2B Sales Digital Transformation

Vengreso CEO, Mario Martinez Jr., shares a few of the insights that they shared with salespeople from across the country on how to stay ahead and take advantage of digital transformation in sales.

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Mario Shares Sales Secrets From The Top 1% With Brandon Bornancin, Episode #121

This episode of #SellingWithSocial is a bit different than our usual format – it’s a great conversation Mario had with Brandon Bornancin of that was recorded originally for the “Sales Secrets of the Top 1%” podcast.

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Customer Interaction – Engage with Customers on These Social Media Platforms

Unsure which social media platforms you should use to engage with customers? Mario Martinez, Jr. and Viveka von Rosen share considerations to help you decide.

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How Templates Lead to the Best LinkedIn Profiles for Sellers

Templatizing your salespeople’s LinkedIn profiles isn’t a bad thing! Mario Martinez, Jr. and Kurt Shaver explain why the best LinkedIn profiles come from customizable templates.

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Sticking to the Basics with Sales Enablement

Sales enablement can easily be overcomplicated, but don’t write it off. Mark Hunter and Mario Martinez Jr. explain the importance of simplifying sales enablement in this video.

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Need Sales Motivation? Follow The Modern Sale Magazine’s “Top 10 Sales Influencers of 2019”

Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez, Jr. was recently named as a Top 10 Sales Influencer by The Modern Sale Magazine. Find out who else made the list!

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How to Improve Your Sales Strategy with Omnichannel Prospecting

You can’t reach any two people the same way. Mark Hunter and Mario Martinze Jr. discuss the need for omnichannel prospecting to connect with the modern buyer.

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10 Steps to the Digital Sales Transformation Results You Want

Launching a digital sales transformation program requires these ten steps to produce more sales conversations with more qualified buyers.

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Converting Sales Leads from a Trade Show into Revenue

Your trade show booth investment should be generating revenue. Discover a three-step process for your winning trade show strategy from Alice Heiman.

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Upgrading Sales Skills to the Next Level of Selling at Conversica

Randy Beiner and his team at Conversica upgraded their sales skills for digital selling. Find out how in his Vengreso Client Testimonial.