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Helping Customers Win More through Highly Personalized Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing has been around for a while now, but doing it in a highly personalized way is not something you hear addressed often. But if you can personalize your marketing you can greatly strengthen customer relationships and grow your footprint in the account. On this episode, Bernie speaks with Paul Johns, CMO at SAI Global, a leader in the delivery of integrated risk management solutions for enterprise customers across the globe, about how they help their customer win through highly personalized account based marketing.

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Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most common mistakes marketers make is thinking they need a Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn strategy. They don’t! They need a social media marketing strategy. These web platforms become part of the execution strategy. This blog post is excerpted from Bernie Borges’ book Marketing 2.0, to offer marketers advice on how to develop a social media marketing strategy.

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