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Why Sales Enablement Strategy Fits Best in Marketing 

Who is best equipped to carry out an effective Sales Enablement Strategy? Sales? Marketing? Maybe another department? Genefa Murphy shares her lessons-learned on this episode!

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5 Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast Episodes – Modern Marketing Engine

Listen to these five essential Modern Marketing Engine podcast episodes to learn how companies are aligning sales and marketing to enable sellers to create more sales conversations.

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How To Measure Contribution To Sales Pipeline From Events

Events have always been difficult to track when it comes to their impact on the sales pipeline. But no more. Tech and systems change everything. Listen to learn more.

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Overcoming No Decision In The B2B Buying Process, with Jon Perera and Matt Weil, from Highspot, #132

If you are struggling with “No Decision”s in your B2B buying process, there are lots to learn from this powerful conversation on the Modern Selling Podcast.

Modern Marketing Engine Podcast Sales Leadership

How Marketing Can Support High Performing Sales Teams

Meshell Baker summarizes the six steps to creating high performing sales teams and how marketing should support them. Listen in and learn how!