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Social Selling Can Add 150 People to Your Marketing Department

I recently told executives at business services company that they could grow their Marketing Dept. by 150 people without increasing payroll. This is possible because Social Selling tools like LinkedIn and Twitter can turn every one of their 150 field salespeople into a mini-marketers.

The opportunity to gain a competitive advantage lies in the fact that salespeople have a higher degree of trust with their customers than does the corporate Marketing Dept. It makes sense because salespeople have personal relationships – the very essence of “Social”. The challenges are that few salespeople have been trained for message creation, they don’t have much time for it, and they may not even be authorized to communicate certain types of messages.

So, how does a corporation take advantage of the opportunity while overcoming the challenges? It is a matter of training and, in some cases, systems, to insure salespeople adapt to the new ways of Social Selling.

Here are three considerations to building a Social Selling culture: