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What Sales Leaders Need to Know About Video for Sales

Sales leaders need to train their sellers to use personalized sales video messaging to start conversations. Know the facts.

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Best Sales Books: 55 Top Picks for More Sales Conversations

55 Best Sales Books. The 2021 edition includes top influencers and authors, with tips that will help you create more conversations and close more sales.

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Best Remote Selling Tools

Do you have the essential tools for managing your remote sales team? Discover which tools will maximize your team’s productivity during these challenging times.

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Complete List of the Essential Social Selling Tools

Is your sales team leveraging social selling tools throughout the buying process? Learn how the essential tools can improve prospecting, increase productivity and streamline collaboration.

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How to Create a Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales enablement is essential to improving win rates. Learn the 7 elements of a successful sales enablement strategy and how to implement them today!

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7 Neuroscience Benefits of a Virtual Sales Program

Learn the 7 benefits of virtual, instructor-led training (VILT) proven by neuroscience research that show virtual training is a better investment than live training.

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Sales Forecasting to Accurately Predict Revenue Every Quarter

At the end of every month, quarter, and year sales leaders are trying to figure out what is going to close and what is going to slip. Sales forecasting is a challenge for most sales teams, either because they don’t know how to do it or because their methods are imprecise. According to Clari, 93% […]

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4 Pillars To Creating a Successful Sales Plan

A sales plan or sales strategy can be the difference between an organization merely surviving, or a company exceeding all sales objectives. With so many ups and downs this year, as well as company pivots and new long-term strategies, sales planning is more important than ever before for success. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t […]

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Sales and Marketing Budget: Use it or Lose it?

Don’t lose 2021 budget because you didn’t spend it all in 2020. The Vengreso team suggests 9 ways to use your end-of-year sales and marketing budget.

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The Future of Sales: What will the World Look Like for Sales Teams After the Quarantine? with Hang Black, Episode #147

What will sales look like in 2021? Hang Black and Mario Martinez Jr. discuss the future of sales and how sales leaders should plan for post-COVID-19.