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LinkedIn Company Pages Give Marketers Ability to Segment Messages

LinkedIn is rolling out new functionality for it’s Linkedin Company Pages. A few months ago, the rapid pace of enhancements to the Company Page feature caused me to suggest LinkedIn Company Pages might someday replace a company’s website. This latest enhancement takes Linkedin Company Pages one step closer and, in fact, delivers functionality that most websites cannot do today. Company page administrators, who are typically in the Marketing Dept., will soon be able to update segments of followers based on the LinkedIn profile criteria of Company Size, Industry, Job Function, Seniority, and Geography.

Dale Carnegie and Modern Social Networking

Social Media is often touted as the new way of doing business and while many of the tools like LinkedIn and Facebook are new, they are built on fundamental principles of human communication and relationships. No one captured those fundamentals better than Dale Carnegie in his 1936 book, How to Win Friends and Influence People.  Despite being written 76 years ago, this book about interpersonal skills is still popular today.

One section is called “Six Ways to Make People Like You”.  Here are the six principles and how they apply to business networking with LinkedIn:

Become Genuinely Interested in Other People.

This is primarily an internal or attitudinal perspective.  It is reflected in how you approach LinkedIn. Do you see it as a way to increase your network and your value to others or do you view it only as a database to hunt for prospects?


This visual cue of openness is best displayed via your LinkedIn photo. Your photo is popping up in more places on LI these days so make a good impression with a business-appropriate headshot.  Your face should fill the frame so you are recognizable in that tiny image… and don’t forget to show some teeth.

Start Me Up: Getting That Crucial First Appointment

“I know how to sell once I get in front of a prospect, but getting that first appointment is tougher than ever.” I hear this lament from salespeople all the time.

Years of sales experience and thousands of dollars spent on “Miller-Spinner-Solutionized-Centrical” sales training has resulted in many sales reps knowing how to Qualify, Present, Differentiate, Negotiate, and Close sales.

The problem is that it is harder than ever to break through caller ID, voicemail, and the overused but easily deleted email route to reach a new prospect.

The situation is like when the hotel desk clerk gives you directions to your destination., “just get on the 101, head south to I-85, and….” “Hold it”, you interrupt, “can we start with how I get out of the parking lot and get onto the 101?”

4 Choices for Corporate LinkedIn Sales Training

Sales executives at leading B2B companies are recognizing the benefits of a strategic approach to LinkedIn selling skills. With the move toward formal LinkedIn sales training, the question of who should do the training arises. There are four types of choices. Here they are with their Pros and Cons:

1. Internal Marketing: This is often the intern or “young kid” from Marketing who is a Social Media wiz kid. She’ll have a million Facebook fans and Twitter followers and know about all the latest applications. The drawback is that,

Moneyball: LinkedIn Style

So Moneyball got shut out at the 84th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars). No big deal. It is still the most popular movie of the year when it comes to business analogies. Google “Moneyball” and “Business Lessons” and you’ll get 11M results. Here are my three Moneyball lessons that apply to LinkedIn:

1. Metrics Matter. Moneyball was about Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane assembling a competitive team on a small budget. His revolutionary strategy was to employee computer analysis of players’ statistics. The most important stats were

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