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succeed at social sales on linkedin

Don’t Do ¡˥∀WɹON: It’s the Key to Success in Social Sales

Mario Martinez Jr. was interviewed for the LinkedIn Sales Blog to share his insights in social sales and what it takes to be successful. He has become a foremost expert in social selling and founded Vengreso. Mario has coined the term "Don't Do ¡˥∀WɹON" which he says will yield...

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Five Steps Of Social Selling

The Five Steps of Social Selling That Everyone Should Master

Very few professionals have achieved a 99/100 LinkedIn Social Selling Index score. Mario Martinez Jr. is one of those individuals. Mario has been identified as one of the top 10 sales experts worldwide by Rise Global. He is the CEO & Chief Social Selling Champion at Vengreso,...

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3 social selling techniques that need correcting

3 Social Selling Techniques that You’re Getting Wrong

According to Mario Martinez Jr., CEO of Vengreso and one of the leading experts in Social Selling, "The modern buyer has changed, but sales tactics and leaders have not. Buyers are now digitally enabled, mobile attached, and social engaged. They explore, evaluate, and are willing to engage...

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Empowering Your Sales Workforce with Social Selling

Interview with Mario Martinez, Jr. by author Pam Waits, Chicago Human Resources Examiner - Sales prospecting has taken a hit with 10% or less of executives answering the phone or responding to emails. But that can change says Mario Martinez, Jr., CEO of Vengreso, a social...

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