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We Only Need Great Content Marketing

Listen to Stephanie Stahl’s description of great content marketing on this episode of the Modern Marketing Engine podcast, and use it as a benchmark for assessing your content marketing strategy.

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How Brands Break Through To Audiences With Video

If you want to leverage your B2B marketing to greater effectives, you need to do it with video.This episode with Sara Larsen tells you how.

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How Marketing & Sales Contribute to Digital Transformation at CenturyLink

Chris Sikora of CenturyLink shares their digital transformation journey and how they’ve achieved 83% more digital engagement since training their sales team in social selling.

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Understand The B2B Buyer Journey To Create More Conversations, with Scott Collins, Episode #104

The B2B buyer’s journey is something sales professionals MUST understand because of the impact of digital. Listen to Scott Collins explian, on this episode.

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The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100

The world’s largest digital sales training company is now verified. It’s Vengreso! Join Mario Martinez Jr for this episode with the entire Vengreso leadership team.

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The Impact Of One Word In Customer Conversations

Erik Peterson shares how one simple change in wording can make your customer conversations more effective, leading to more conversions.

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The LinkedIn Checklist for Savvy Sales Professionals

You know you need to leverage LinkedIn for growing your business, but do you know where to start? Here is a quick LinkedIn checklist to guide you through the steps you need to take to be successful.

Digital Selling Modern Marketing Engine Podcast

The Journey to Social Media Innovation and Influence with Mike Stelzner

This episode is an intriguing conversation about social media innovation – what it is and what it takes to truly do it in an increasingly crowded social media space – with none other than Mike Stelzner.

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You’re Driving Leads via Social ALL Wrong!

Forbes contributor Mike Templeman recently interviewed Mario Martinez Jr., founder, and CEO of Vengreso, about driving leads via social and how reps are doing it ALL wrong. Why Mario? First, he’s walked a mile (or two) in your shoes! Just over a year ago, Mario Martinez Jr. was responsible for launching the North America Social Selling […]

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A Q&A with Mario Martinez Jr., the Wayne Gretzky of Social Selling

In August, Mario Martinez Jr. was interviewed by Tavis Bucklin for Business Innovators Magazine. Tavis explored Mario’s extensive sales background, including what led him to build M3Jr Growth Strategies and his thoughts on how the sales industry has changed over the years. Travis mentioned that Mario has been called “The Wayne Gretzky of Social Selling,” and asked him […]