old school computer - history of social media
Mario Martinez Jr.

40 Year History of Social Media

The reality is that email and bulletin board services (BBS) should be credited with the foundation to the social media revolution of the 2000’s. Prior to that we didn’t have the digital culture, aka mindset, of communicating and engaging through online services…As you ponder the 40 year history of social media, consider your business’ path to becoming a social business by embracing social marketing.

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Social Networking for Job Seekers

Bernie Borges recently presented a seminar for job seekers. He presented five strategies for social networking that can turbo charge a job search. The five strategies are: Acquire the Mindset of a Triathlete, Basic Social Networking Best Practices, Social Networking Like the Pros, Become an Entrepreneur and Good Enough Isn’t. Bernie’s slide presentation is available for download.

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