The Engaged Leader – A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation

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The Engaged Leader – A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation

Charlene Li is recognized around the world as one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies. A thought leader and consultant on strategy, leadership, social technologies, interactive media and marketing, Charlene is the Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group, and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership. She is also the coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business books in 2008. Her latest book, The Engaged Leader, published in March 2015 is the topic of discussion on this episode.


Charlene and I explore key takeaways from her latest book, “The Engaged Leader,” to provide insights and inspiration for you and the leaders in your organization. The examples and actionable advice she provides will guide leaders in their digital transformation to be engaging and comfortable in the digital realm.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Charlene wrote The Engaged Leader to address the leadership issue of credibility.
  • Why Charlene says the root of all the concepts presented in The Engaged Leader is to “get things done.”
  • Why listening is important to all leaders and how you can strategically listen to scale it and build it into a habit.
  • How listening at scale is the science, and listening to the right people is the art of it.
  • What Charlene means by “sharing to shape” and how it shapes the relationship with your followers.
  • How Charlene’s advice to leaders new to digital is not to publish what they had for lunch, but what they talked about over lunch.
  • How Rosemary Turner from UPS used Twitter to establish an open door policy with the 17,000 employees she manages.
  • How Rosemary Turner is not a digital native, but her leadership qualities shined through and she quickly became comfortable with social engagement.
  • How leaders who are naturally engaged in real life make the digital transition easier and how age is not a factor.
  • How older leaders know how to lead, just not in digital channels, and the younger leaders are comfortable with the technologies but don’t know how to lead.
  • Why Charlene says engagement is required to transform a relationship and make it deeper.
  • Why Charlene says employee engagement is at an all-time low and how some leaders may not want engaged employees because it can be painful and time-consuming.
  • What Charlene means by Transform to Organize and her example of Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE who realized his need to be engaged.
  • Why digital isn’t what one person or department does, rather everyone does it.

Digital isn’t something that one department or a special person does. It’s something that everybody does. @charleneli
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  • How Charlene’s “one thing” is for leaders to focus on one top objective and think about how engagement is rooted into that top objective.

Featured On This Episode:

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