The Impact of Digital Storytelling on Walmart’s Reputation


Chad Mitchell, Senior Director, Digital Communications at Walmart is back for a second episode of the Social Business Engine podcast series. On Chad’s first appearance, we discussed how Walmart launched their blog – Walmart Today – to celebrate the customer.

On this episode, we get a behind the scenes look at the impact of Walmart’s commitment to telling its story through digital channels and how it’s rebuilding its reputation with associates and customers. You’ll hear how they’re writing content around episodic themes like The Ripple Effect and Made by America.

106_Walmart_rippleImage via Walmart Today

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Walmart Today is committed to storytelling to reach their audience of customers, associates and opinion holders in the market.
  • How Walmart realized that their efforts were going unrecognized and how Walmart Today allows them to let people get to know their associates.
  • How Walmart Today allows them to connect to their priorities, like the investment in their associates and the commitment to source more products from U.S. suppliers.
  • How they’re using overarching story themes like the Ripple Effect and Made by America.

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  • How the Made by America story about the Fishpeople shows what it’s like to be a Walmart supplier.
  • How the Fishpeople story is visually compelling and portrays Walmart’s commitment to domestic suppliers.
Walmart_FishpeopleImage via Walmart Today
  • How Walmart is telling associates’ stories to show people their commitment to investing in their associates.
  • How Walmart is authentically connecting their audience to Walmart associates by focusing on the believability factor of employees.
  • How Walmart is using an animated approach to content to capture their audience’s attention in short videos.
106_Walmart_RippleEffectImage via Walmart Today
  • How limited resources prompted Walmart to start working with a creative agency and taking a collaborative approach to content creation.
  • How Chad is working with a tech partner and social media agency embedded with their six-person team and how having clear rules of engagement allows everyone to work well together.
  • Why Walmart is exploring how to make it easy for their employees to share their stories and information.
  • How Walmart looks at their goals when reviewing their metrics and how they’re studying perceptions pre and post viewing of Walmart Today content.

Featured On This Episode:

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