The Rise of the Hootsuite Ambassador Community

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The Rise of the Hootsuite Ambassador Community

Hootsuite has mobilized their product advocates around the world through their Ambassador Community resulting in strong relationships with product advocates and significantly expanding Hootsuite’s reach.

Mel Attia, V.P. of Marketing at Vanilla Forums, joins me again as co-host on this episode as we uncover the impact the online community of advocates is having on Hootsuite’s business. Justine Velcich, Manager of Global Community Programs at Hootsuite reveals the strategy behind their three-year-old Ambassador Community and how it has evolved.


On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Hootsuite launched their advocate program, the “Hootsuite Ambassador Community,” in 2012 because the opportunity was
  • How there are four regional Hootsuite Community teams around the world.
  • How the Hootsuite Ambassador Community has grown from 55 users to 1,400 over three years.
  • Why the Hootsuite Ambassador Community is now a part of the Marketing organization.
  • The type of individuals that make up the Hootsuite Ambassador Community and how their desire to communicate with each other has benefited Hootsuite.
  • What the differentiating factors are between a fan and a brand ambassador.
  • How anyone can apply to be a Hootsuite Ambassador and how the process works.
  • What you should be looking for in a brand ambassador, and the need to look at how you can help them.
  • How to measure engagement rates within a community by monitoring hashtags.
  • How you need to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your community members to encourage them to continue working with you.

Create a mutually beneficial relationship with community 
members to encourage further interaction.
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  • Why Justine says “there is value in casting a large net,” but how Hootsuite is switching their focus to quality.
  • How aligning the community closer with the marketing team has positively affected their strategy.
  • Why you cannot lose focus on building your community and the need to be genuine with the members.
  • How offline events can help to build relationships within your community.


Featured On This Episode:

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