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The Role of Social Selling in Social Business


Amy Heiss, Director of Social Media Activation & Training at Dell, and Suzanne Doughty, Social Media Program Manager at Dell, joined me to discuss social selling and the role it plays in social business on this special Blab recorded episode. Missing from the audio recording is David Fisher, but you’ll hear his insights verbalized throughout from his input in the chat panel.


Social media is used in all aspects of business at Dell, however, in this podcast we focused mostly on Dell’s sales and business development practices. A whopping 16,000 Dell employees have been trained and certified in social media. Tune in to hear a few of their social business success stories and a list of best (and worst) practices for social selling.


On this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Amy says Dell believes social media is a tool just like the telephone, and how they use it to connect with their customers in every part of their global business.
  • How 16,000 of the 100,000 plus employees at Dell are trained and certified on social media by Amy’s team.
  • What social selling is and isn’t, and how David Fisher says social selling is “using new tools and platforms to support and further the already existing sales process.”
  • How you can reach individuals who do not have a social presence by sharing content with them via email.
  • What are some of the best (and worst) practices in social selling.
  • How the influx of people interested in social selling has spurred Dell to hire more people for Amy’s training team.

“Always start with listening first, never just jump into a conversation.” @AmyHatDell #socialselling

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Featured On This Episode:

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