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Social Selling Tips: How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Contact Information


When was the last time that you reviewed your LinkedIn profile contact information? When you first signed up for the platform?

The “See contact info” button is more prominent than ever before for many users. A new profile layout is rolling out to users, and the button now resides underneath your photo, LinkedIn headline, and location.  Take this as your reminder to revisit it.

Discover Chuck Shaver’s social selling tips and insights about Updating Your LinkedIn Contact Information in Chuck’s Quick Tips of the Week #3 shown below.

When was the last time that you updated your LinkedIn profile contact info? If you need a refresher, here's #DigitalSales Coach and #Sales Director @ChuckShaver to give us a step-by-step. #SellingWithLinkedInClick To Tweet

Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Contact Information

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile contact information, there are two important things to consider.

  1. What do you want to include?
  2. What do you want visible to your connections and others?

What should you include in your LinkedIn Profile Contact Information?

Access your contact information from your profile. On a desktop computer, click on See contact info (under location). Click the pencil icon to the right, and it will jump to another screen where you can make changes.

One of the first pieces of advice Chuck shares in the video is not to use your personal email. Using your company email adds credibility and can reduce spam in your personal inbox. Your phone number and address should also be from your company.

Under Websites, you can add up to three links. A few options you should consider are a link to your blog, company website, other social media accounts (i.e., YouTube or Facebook), charities you’re involved with, or anything else you want to promote.

What visibility levels do you want on your LinkedIn Profile?

Click on the Me icon and go to Settings & Privacy to quickly change your visibility to LinkedIn users and others around the web. In the video, Chuck reviews the five sections under the Privacy tab and his suggestions for each.

At the top right of “How others see your profile and network information,” you’ll see the option to “Edit your custom URL.” Vengreso recommends using your first and last name. For example, mine is If your name is unavailable, try it with a dash in between your first and last name or another variation of your name to personalize your link.

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As you can see, Vengreso’s Sales Director is a bit of a LinkedIn whiz. Chuck’s first two Quick Tips were about LinkedIn as well. You can watch them here:

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