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Why Using Video for Sales Prospecting is a Smart Move

In a recent webinar from FRONTLINE Selling featuring Vengreso and OneMob, Nimesh Gupta and Mario Martinez Jr. explain how to Ignite Your B2B Sales with the Power of Video. Learn why video for sales is a smart move in the digital sales ecosystem.

Have you been waiting to jump into using video for sales prospecting? If so, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to connect with buyers and close more deals.

More than 75% of Internet traffic will result from video consumption by the year 2021. To reiterate, most of the people online over the next three years will not be there to read emails or write into companies via web chats – they’re going to be watching videos!

If that’s not enough to get you speaking to your camera lens, I’m not sure what will short of your competitors creeping in on your market share.

In a webinar from FRONTLINE Selling featuring Vengreso’s CEO Mario Martinez Jr. and OneMob’s COO and Co-founder Nimesh Gupta, the two explain how to Ignite Your B2B Sales with the Power of Video. In case you’re not familiar with OneMob, they’re a digital experience platform that enables customer-facing reps to more personally engage and track their video communications with prospects and customers. Bob Woods, Manager of Social Selling at FRONTLINE Selling guided their conversation for an in-depth explanation of the importance of using video for sales. You don’t want to miss the expert insights they shared!

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Why Should B2B Salespeople Use Video for Sales?

People are consuming more video than ever before as noted in the statistic above, so adding video to your toolbox of sales communications is critical. Since people are spending more time watching video, it only makes sense to create some of your own, to reach them in the outlet they prefer. In addition to meeting your prospects where they are, video:

  1. Enables sales representatives to uncover their “why”
  2. Creates digital personalization
  3. Reveals your passion and humanizes your message
  4. Builds trust quicker, faster, and stronger
  5. Increases open rate of emails
  6. Is accelerating more views in many social media algorithms including LinkedIn
  7. Is preferred over text by 59% of senior executives

Many people are still hesitant to record and share videos of themselves. Mario made a valid point – you wouldn’t put a bag over your head and go into a networking meeting or conference, right? So what’s the difference? Take a deep breath and hit record.

3 Top Sales Tips for Incorporating Video for Sales

Mario and Nimesh shared lots of valuable insights about applying video in the sales process. Below I’m sharing three for when you are ready to start incorporating video.

  1. Outreach should always include a CTA (Call to Action). In the video, guide your viewers to take action.
  2. Keep your video to two minutes or less depending on the platform you’re sharing it on; otherwise, you’re bound to lose your viewers’ attention.
  3. Create a variety of types of video. This can include invitations to events, informative videos to encourage sign-ups or downloads, or quick tips.

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The goal of a salesperson is to create more conversations with the right people, and then lead them to the sale. Mario says, “Video will create more conversation with more people.”

Are you prepared to commit to the digital sales transformation mindset? It requires a significant behavior shift, tools, the proper skill set, and a plan. Does your team have the right digital selling skills? Request a Digital Selling Benchmark Assessment and find out.



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