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[Video] How to use LinkedIn’s People You May Know tool

At last count there were over 364 million members on LinkedIn®. How many of them are in your network? It doesn’t actually matter how many people are in your network today because out of those 364 million others there are bound to be more you should get to know.

LinkedIn®‘s People You May Know feature is the place to start if you want to build a quality network made up of people who are relevant to your business.

There were over 364 million members on LinkedIn. How many of them are in your network? Click To Tweet

Watch this short (1:37) and find out how to effectively use this feature to expand your network and grow your opportunities.

If you found this video helpful and you’d like to see more, check out 10 other practical LinkedIn® tips to achieve social selling success. They combine the tips you need along with video explainers on how to execute.

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