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The Why and How of Social Business Governance


On this episode, you’ll meet Ed Terpening. Ed is Senior Consultant at the Altimeter Group. Ed’s credentials include seven years leading the social media strategy at Wells Fargo, where he led the charge to develop the first blog by any major U.S. bank. Ed is also a founding member of SocialMedia.org, and an accomplished artist.
On this episode, Ed and I discuss key findings from an Altimeter Group research report titled: Social Business Governance: A Framework to Execute Social Business Strategy.

The Four Ps of Social Business Governance: Altimeter GroupSocial business governance drivers: Altimeter Group

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • That Social Business Governance is intended to enable social business at scale.
  • That “hidden between the strategic ideas and business results lies the messy mechanics of governance, which only 16% of organizations feel is well understood and deployed.” (excerpted from the research report)
  • The 4 Ps to developing and implementing a Social Business Governance Plan.
    • People: The starting point. Accountability. Alignment.
    • Policy: Agreements among key stakeholders that reflects boundaries of behavior in social.
    • Process: Making the policy agreements actionable.
    • Practice: Executing and automating processes at scale.
  • That policy should be as much about what employees can do, as what they should not do.
  • That policy can evolve over a 3-5 year period as strategy evolves.
  • That processes should be integrated into the daily business operations.
  • That Social Business Governance is a balance of empowerment and constraints.
  • That scaling social across the enterprise is the top driver for Social Business Governance.
  • That creating a unified customer experience is another top driver for Social Business Governance.
  • That empowering employees is another top driver for Social Business Governance.
  • “Ed’s One Thing” : “Testing new organizational structures that are not hierarchical, but rather dynamic structures to be more responsive to business disruption.”

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