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Working LinkedIn Connections to Crush Sales Goals at Conversica

Conversica Sales Manager Charles Tannous shares the tips he learned during Vengreso’s digital selling training about getting more LinkedIn Connections and crushing sales goals in his testimonial.

Are you leveraging your LinkedIn Connections to the fullest potential? There are a few things you can do and a few things you’ll want to avoid on LinkedIn to help you get the most value from those relationships. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the activities and steps to take.

Charles Tannous, a Sales Manager at Conversica, shares his experience in Vengreso’s Selling with LinkedIn Workshop in this Vengreso Testimonial video. His biggest takeaway from the training is to “Not be Normal” and to think outside the box. With the sales tips and tricks that he learned, he says he’s ready to crush it!

Watch the short video or keep reading to find out two things Charles learned that could help you to get more LinkedIn Connections and increase inbound activity too.

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[click_to_tweet tweet=”.@ctannous3 of @MyConversica is ready to crush it with the #Sales strategies he learned from Vengreso’s #SellingwithLinkedIn training program. Check out his key takeaways here. #DigitalSales #SocialSelling” quote=”.@ctannous3 of @MyConversica is ready to crush it with the #Sales strategies he learned from Vengreso’s #SellingwithLinkedIn training program. Check out his key takeaways here. #DigitalSales #SocialSelling”]

Two Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections and Visibility

Growing your network on LinkedIn and building genuine relationships with those people is an effective way to earn more business. To increase your visibility on the platform, act on these two tips:

1.     Update your LinkedIn Profile to help prospective clients, instead of using it to serve you as a resume.

The trainees in the Selling with LinkedIn Workshop for Conversica were provided with LinkedIn Profile Makeovers. After the makeover, Charles said that he received many more views of his Profile.

Combine that with the tips and tricks he learned from Kurt Shaver and Mario Martinez Jr. during the digital selling training, and he has what he needs to not only attract more visitors but also to start a conversation and engage them. Hint: you can start by leveraging your LinkedIn headline!

2.     Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations.

Having more than a small handful of Recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile gives you credibility. If a LinkedIn User comes to your Profile and sees multiple Recommendations, they will feel a sense of trust for you and your work. Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez Jr. recommends a minimum of 30.

You should already be connected with current and previous customers – if you’re not, start sending out those connection requests today! Reach out to the people who you think would be willing to write you a positive review and ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation. You could even write it for them, and of course, leave it open to their edits.

Apply this advice and start connecting with more of your prospects now!

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Here are two ways to grow your #LinkedIn connections and visibility as told by Vengreso #SellingWithLinkedIn graduate, @ctannous3 of @MyConversica. #Sales #DigitalSales #SocialSales” quote=”Here are two ways to grow your #LinkedIn connections and visibility as told by Vengreso #SellingWithLinkedIn graduate, @ctannous3 of @MyConversica. #Sales #DigitalSales #SocialSales”]

If you don’t have the time, energy or know-how to transform your LinkedIn Profile into a resource, purchase one of our LinkedIn Profile options. Our expert-trained LinkedIn Profile Writers, like myself, will do everything needed, with insight from you.

By Meaghan

Meaghan Alvarado is one of Vengreso's social media and content writing masters. She is a valuable member of our social media client content writing team. She manages employee advocacy, and video marketing programs. Her more than ten years of experience in sales and digital marketing afford her the business acumen and insights to communicate our effectively with amazing results. In her spare time, you can find her practicing or teaching yoga, or watching Shark Tank alongside her husband and three dogs.

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