Vengreso Case Studies

Discover how Vengreso clients are starting more sales conversations, building more sales pipeline and increasing win rates.
Using LinkedIn to find new prospects and engage with existing clients to obtain referrals.

Using LinkedIn® to Find New Prospects, Engage with Existing Clients and Obtain Referrals

How sellers at Carousel Industries increased their new business pipeline with Vengreso’s Selling with LinkedIn ® for Teams Training.
Developing selling skills through modern case studies.

Data Storage Company Develops Modern Selling Skills to Increase Pipeline

Find out how sellers at this company increased their pipeline of new business with Vengreso’s Selling with LinkedIn® for Teams Training.
Increasing channel sales results with LinkedIn using case studies.

Increasing Channel Sales Results with LinkedIn

Discover how the Channel Sales team of a large telecom provider embraced modern selling techniques to expand relationships.
Generating sales conversions through recorded examples of past successes.

Turning Connections into Sales Conversations

Learn how Millennium Trust adopted digital selling practices to become a trusted resource to new and existing clients.
Building trusted connections through case studies.

Building Trusted Connections

Learn how the B2B Direct sales team at a major telecom provider is creating more sales conversations through digital selling techniques.