Selling with Video

Your customers want video.

Like it or not, video has become an integral sales channel. Video is a great way to catch people’s attention, quickly relay information, and develop relationships over long distances. If video is not done well, however, it can also turn customers off and send them running to your competitors. So what is it that makes people compelling and dynamic on video?

59% of senior executives will choose to watch a video over reading text if both are available.

It’s time for your directorial debut.

Vengreso’s comprehensive training program on Selling with Video will give you the skills and confidence to use this medium to your advantage. Whether it’s speaking live over video or creating video assets, we’ll teach you how to make a good video great and how to avoid missteps when it comes to this evolving medium. Don’t get left behind by ignoring this important tool.

You’re on!

Video is becoming less of a trend and more of a necessity in your B2B digital sales strategy. The numbers don’t lie. Recent research has found that 69% of marketing, sales, and business professionals have used video marketing, and another 31% are planning to. Let Vengreso help get you up to speed and prepared to smash your sales goals.

Our one-day workshop runs your team through skills needed to make a compelling video, including mindset, gesturing and voice modulation, script writing, and recording. We will also go over how to use your video content once it’s finished—including how, when, and what to post—and inviting engagement.

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