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Jack Wells

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Jack Wells is Chief Operating Officer for Vengreso. He leads Global Operations, Customer Service and Support, Sales and Revenue Enablement, Product Development, Human Resources, Recruitment, Legal and IT Operations.

Jack has propelled Vengreso’s growth to new heights, resulting in vast gains in productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Achievements include building the entire team of global associates, creating engagement processes to reward teams, and creating or optimizing SOPs and processes throughout the company.

His precise and diligent application of monitoring, analysis, collaboration, strategizing, relationship-building, project management, and problem-solving skills has transformed Vengreso for the better – just as he had for previous clients and employers.

Jack has over 10 years of leadership, strategy consulting and operations management experience with Training, BPO, SaaS and Virtual Assistance companies across EMEA, APAC and The Americas.

He previously launched sites and managed teams of up to 4000 FTEs, developed and implemented operational strategies to match culture and performance with objectives, and managed metrics to ensure a competitive edge. His focus on customer satisfaction directly boosted performance and profitability, ensuring alignment with projected income and demand. These are just some of the fruits of a decade+ career.

Since being handpicked to join Vengreso, Jack has quickly become the backbone of Vengreso, working his way up to the C-Suite of the company, and winning Employee of the Year in 2020.

Away from work, Jack enjoys spending time with his 3 pugs, using his training as a chef to cook at home, and watching British TV shows.

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