Vengreso Announces Selling with Video for Teams Virtual Training


Data Proves That Sales Prospecting with Video Starts More Conversations With Buyers

Vengreso, an award-winning B2B virtual digital sales training company, announced today the availability of its Selling with Video for Teams Virtual Training program.

The training addresses a global need to teach B2B sellers how to start sales conversations by creating and sending messages through video. The training program is delivered virtually through live instructor-led training and coaching across six weeks.

A survey conducted by McKinsey & Company in April 2020 on B2B selling lists omnichannel selling as one of the most accelerated trends in virtual selling resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Video is at the top of the list for effective sales outreach. A recent Forbes report indicates that senior executives are watching more video now than ever before on their buying journey.

The Selling with Video for Teams training program equips sellers with sixteen (16) use cases to use personalized video messaging in their sales prospecting and along the entire buyer engagement journey. The training places the most emphasis on prospecting to help B2B sellers engage qualified buyers in sales conversations.

There is no shortage of data telling us that executives prefer to watch video content,” said Mario Martinez Jr., Founder and CEO of Vengreso.

“LinkedIn tells us that buyers are five times more likely to respond to a video message than to a plain text message. With sales teams struggling to reach buyers to initiate sales conversations, our Selling with Video for Teams virtual training program is being received very positively by sales leaders who are eager to equip their sellers with much needed prospecting skills.”

“Vengreso’s video sales training has been the BEST training program we have done in over 10 years,” said Elizabeth Bishop, Executive Vice President, Heffernan Insurance Brokers. “The training is interesting, relevant and amazing all at the same time! During the training when one of our producers sent out 50 videos to CEOs and 35 were immediately opened within 30 minutes of the email having been sent, we knew this was our new differentiator. Vengreso’s unique training is the critical key to having that type of success. Our producers gave the training a 10 out of 10!”

Sellers have become accustomed to holding synchronous (two-way) video meetings with prospects and customers. However, sellers are challenged by the virtual selling mode to get their buyers to agree to a virtual meeting. Sending asynchronous (one-way) video messages is an effective way for sellers to reach and engage their buyers and create more sales conversations.

Three of the sixteen use cases taught in Selling With Video for Teams are:
Welcoming a new connection on LinkedIn®.
Reaching out to a new prospect (pipeline building).
Virtual delivery of a sales proposal.

The Selling With Video Training for Teams uses a hybrid delivery model which includes live instruction and group coaching. Sellers are given assignments to record videos, send them to prospects or customers and report their results. Many sellers schedule new appointments during the training with hard-to-reach buyers, boosting their confidence and inspiring them to accelerate their adoption of sending personalized sales messages through one-way video. More information on the Vengreso Selling With Video Training for Teams virtual training is available on our website.

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