Customized Social Selling Coaching Programs

Start more sales conversations through one-on-one social selling coaching.

Trying to understand how to leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social networks to start more sales conversations?  Learn how to do it with private social selling coaching.

Social networks have fundamentally changed the way sales professionals sell.

The modern buyer is digitally engaged…Are you?

B2B buyers are using social media to do their research for products and services. With 60% of the research process being completed online, it leaves those responsible for generating revenue one option: Transform how you sell or risk becoming obsolete!

Vengreso Social Selling Coaching Options

Our industry leading digital selling experts are available to deliver private and customized coaching in 1, 3, or 7 series 60-minute package sessions. Here’s a sample agenda of what you’ll experience in a 60-minute private coaching session.

  • How to construct a buyer-centric LinkedIn profile that engages with your targeted audience
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for Google and other search engines so you can be found by your targeted audience
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn settings for maximum exposure
  • How to find the right prospects
  • How to engage with prospects to start more sales conversations

To register for a private social selling coaching session visit our registration page here.

Choose a social selling basic training topic from below:

  • Basic training for either LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Your role as a Social Selling Sales Leader
  • How to grow your network with your targeted audience
  • Advance training on either LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • How to develop as a thought leader and master the art of content engagement
  • InMail, messaging and asking for introductions best practices session
  • How to influence through content curation and sharing
  • How to leverage Twitter to engage, attract, and nurture your leads

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