Customized Sales Talent Recruiting

Customized Sales Talent Recruiting


Talent Recruiting in the Digital Sales Era


Looking to find just the right sales professional to join your team?


You’ve transformed your sales team into digital sales experts and you’re poised for explosive revenue growth…Great! … Now, it’s time to recruit more sales talent.


Social Recruiting for Sales Professionals


Hiring the right sales talent is crucial to the success of your digitally sales minded company. Ideally, you’ll find a candidate with the mindset, skillset and toolset that will help your company grow, prosper, and stand out among the competition through digital selling practices. If not, you may suddenly realize that your recent hire is a bad fit and you’ll have to terminate and start the time-consuming and expensive process all over again.


So how do you find and recruit the sales candidates you need?


Vengreso helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries source sales talent via social recruiting practices. We use our expertise in social recruiting to tap into the power of  500 million+ LinkedIn members. We work with you to leverage your employment branding strategy, identify potential candidate profiles across the LinkedIn network using LinkedIn Recruiter, and start conversations with highly qualified sales candidates to help you find the next member of your sales organization.


By leveraging your LinkedIn networks, profiles, Company Page and other social platforms, our social recruiting team will identify candidates that are a great fit for your open sales positions. We can work directly with a hiring manager or we’ll partner with your in-house HR or recruiting team to get the job done.


Don’t have an employment branding campaign? We can help you with that too! Pricing for recruiting support is customizable, based on your needs.


Schedule a call today to start planning your custom sales talent recruiting program for the digital sales era.