Employee Social Media Advocacy

Create More Leads through Employee Social Media Advocacy.

Transform your employees into lead generating brand ambassadors on social media.


Chances are your employees want to be social media advocates on behalf of your brand. They just don’t know how. Without the know-how, training, governance and tools many employees sit on the sidelines in frustration.


Motivating and training them to opt-in to your employee social media advocacy program is a game-changer for results-driven digital sales transformation.

Vengreso offers a range of options to get you up and running and producing leads through employee social media advocacy.

Are you making a case for employee advocacy in your organization? Read about how and our 5 point program for success.


We’ve partnered with market-leading technology providers to make it easy for your employees to share content and engage in social media activities that are pre-configured for them.


But software implementation is only one element of a successful Employee Social Media Advocacy program. Vengreso is your dedicated resource for setup and training, and we’ll also configure your content and social media sharing tools uniquely for your needs. Meanwhile, you choose the level of involvement we take in the management and maintenance of your program, according to your situation.


Companies whose employees opt-in to content sharing in social media create more demand for their offerings.


We’re here to assume as much responsibility as you need to help you accelerate your employees’ engagement in digital channels with the content marketing and social media platforms used by your organization.


Our Employee Social Media Advocacy programs are flexible ranging from month-to-month, per-employee to organization-wide set up and management.

Want to learn how to accelerate your lead generation goals through an employee social media advocacy program?

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