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Graph of what it will look like if you listen to our LinkedIn profile tips!

LinkedIn Profile Tips That Will Help Your Brand

Get a LinkedIn Profile Transformation that will engage your audience!

  • Does your social profile reflect who you really are?
  • Do your buyers believe you are providing insightful information to help them?
  • Does your profile tell your buyer how you can help them?
  • Do your buyers believe you and your profile serves as a resources to them?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then your buyers might just think #YourBrandSucks and you’re just another person with a LinkedIn resume. But don’t worry, we can help you transform your LinkedIn profile to attract, map and serve as a resource to today’s modern buyer.

How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is arguably the most important personal B2B social branding tool today. Whether you’re selling a product, services, or a solution, you are reaching out to the “modern buyer.” In a recent IDC study, 63% of C-Level/VP executives used LinkedIn to support their purchase process during the past year.  As the professional LinkedIn network has moved from online resume posting and networking, to comprehensive branding, it has never been more important to maintain a powerful, search optimized LinkedIn profile. Remember, your profile is a place your buyer comes to shop “you.”

If you are in sales and marketing we will help you stand out on LinkedIn, boost your personal brand, and be found by your targeted audience. We can give your profile an overhaul or start from scratch. We’ll create a keyword and search engine optimized profile, and write a compelling story that showcases who you are, who you help, and how you help your targeted audience solve their business problems.

Our team of experts can transform your brand from ordinary to awesome! By revamping an existing profile or building one from scratch, our branding specialist will design and implement a fully developed LinkedIn Profile which maps to your Buyer’s Journey. Don’t let #YourBrandSuck any longer or be left behind. Invest in our LinkedIn makeover and grow your sales funnel!

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