Sales Training in the Age of COVID

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The COVID-19 outbreak has required many sales leaders to revisit their approach to sales training forcing them to turn to a virtual sales training model due to travel and social distancing constraints. The new normal calls for virtual sales training that sales leaders can invest in with confidence.

Discover how virtual sales training is scientifically proven to be an effective method and what is required to deploy a successful virtual sales training program.

This webinar is for you if you’re a sales leader, a sales enablement leader, or a C-suite executive, leading a team of sellers in midsize or large accounts.

Topics include:

  • Science-backed evidence that retention is higher with virtual training
  • Factors to consider in your decision to “build or buy” virtual training
  • The role of gamification in virtual training
  • How to implement “chunking” and “spacing” in virtual training
  • How to implement “deliberate practice” in virtual training
  • The importance of “repetition” in virtual training
  • Why video is a must-have element in virtual training
  • The importance of personal coaching in virtual training
  • How to conduct a memorable awards ceremony at the end of a virtual training program
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