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A Business Case Against Digital Pollution

Learn how to break through today’s digital noise to better connect and communicate in virtual, visual environments with those who matter most.

Harness The Power of Human Interaction Via Virtual Platforms

From the minds of Vengreso thought leaders, Mario Martinez, Jr. and Viveka von Rosen, these 2 essential chapters from Wall Street Journal Best Seller Human Centered Communication focus on the increasingly important role of humanization in virtual business interactions.

Topics covered include:

“Our success is enabled when we work with and for our fellow humans.”
- from Chapter 10, Human-Centered Communication

Who Can Benefit From Human-Centered Communication?

The answer is simple – everyone. From leaders and managers to sales professionals and account managers, every role that relies on digital communication with colleagues and clientele needs to harness the power of human interaction via virtual platforms.

Have you ever hosted video calls and presentations where you feel like you are speaking to yourself due to a lack of engagement, feedback, or visual representation of others on the call?
Do you frequently send an email, Slack message, or LinkedIn direct message that has been misconstrued or ignored completely?
Are you in charge of managing or a part of a remote team that lacks company culture due to the absence of face-time with one another?

Then Human-Centered Communication is for you.

See how you can become more visual, emotional, and intentional in a digital landscape to increase engagement and improve brand reputation,

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What to Expect

The Art (and Science) of Helping

Chapter 9

The Teacher’s Take on Connection

Chapter 10

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead of Digital Pollution

Overcome the challenges of virtual communication to build trust and humanize your digital conversations.