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Excited to hear about the launch of FlyEngage AI! This game-changing tool will revolutionize the way we interact with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With its cutting-edge AI technology, FlyEngage AI can help us deliver meaningful and captivating replies, saving us time and effort. I'm definitely going to check it out! #LinkedIn #Sales #AI
Impressive introduction to FlyEngange AI! This game-changing tool is revolutionizing the LinkedIn journey by seamlessly interacting with posts and comments using advanced AI technology. Say farewell to finding the right words as FlyEngage AI offers tailored suggestions. Install the FlyMSG extension and experience transformative results! 🚀 #LinkedIn #AI #Productivity
Hey Vengreso, thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for ways to be more productive on LinkedIn. I'll definitely check out FlyEngage AI and see how it can help me level up my LinkedIn game. 🚀 #LinkedInTips #ProductivityHacks

Adored by Tens of Thousands of People Across 8,000+ Companies

FlyEngage AI Features That Accelerates Relationships

Break the Ice and Build Authentic Engagement

With FlyEngage AI’s pre-defined AI prompts and human-like comments, you can engage with your audience in a way that feels natural and authentic whether you’re using LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Think of it as human-assisted AI. It will read the post, write a positive, optimistic, or curious reply and you just simply edit for contextual-relevance and tag!

Create Conversations.
Book Meetings.

Fly Engage AI is the best way to increase your productivity by up to 12 hours per day—and make sure your sales prospects or customers never miss an opportunity for engagement with you.

In addition, whatever the language the post is written in we’ll reply back in that language to get you noticed!

Write LinkedIn Comments In Seconds

Say goodbye to staring at your computer screen and wondering what you should say, how you can add value to a buyers post and/or spending 15 minutes writing and editing your LinkedIn comment per customer per post!

Say hello to leveraging Chat GPT and Google AI to read your recipients post and write a response in seconds that sounds like a human!

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Rating 4.8

FlyEngage AI Benefits

Stand Out With Comments That Have Depth & Meaning

Save Hours In Writing the Perfect Comment On Your Buyers Post

Integration Into Your LinkedIn or Sales Nav Daily Workflow

Eliminates All Barriers to Social Selling Engagement

How Fly Engage AI Works

Create a LinkedIn Comment in 4 Easy Steps and in Under 30-seconds!


Click Comment on Any LinkedIn Social Post


Select a Pre-engineered Prompt or Create a Custom One.


Personalize the Comment by Editing, Tagging the Person and Checking Relevance.


Post the LinkedIn Comment, Capitalize on the interactions triggered with AI comments & make sales!

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Rating 4.8

What Others Say About FlyEngage AI

Theresa French
Theresa French
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WOW– this is THE productivity tool...! I love being able to use the same set of templates across email AND LinkedIn. These writing shortcuts allow for HYPER PERSONALIZED messages “on the FLY” while at the same time SAVING A TON OF TIME knocking out 90% of the message for you with one short keyword!
Steve Benson
Steve Benson
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WOW! FlyMSG knocks my socks off! They help you with copywriting sales notes for emails, LinkedIn, special events, follow-ups, birthdays, etc. Cuts down on the time needed, stores your custom copy in the cloud and is always ready! If you haven’t tried this, you are working too hard on your copy!
Joe Mangano
Joe Mangano
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FlyMSG is FLY. It is a super, super (did I say super) text expander. Nope, it’s not a text expander. It's better!! Way to go Mario and team. You rock.
Roy Sargent
Roy Sargent
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Very cool app! You can create templates to use anywhere in Chrome and cut the time required waaaay down. I spend less time thinking and more time communicating.
Mahdi Murad
Mahdi Murad
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Great tool. I save so much time using this tool. Magical.
Nancy Tuico
Nancy Tuico
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I really really love it! Thank you so much!
Debra Eckerling
Debra Eckerling
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Great app. So excited to discover this awesome productivity hack!
Joey Bahr
Joey Bahr
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Great way to save time and use a consistent message on sales communications.
Susan Segat
Susan Segat
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This is a game changer for sales professionals and CX agents!


Fly Engage AI is an AI-powered tool which creates LinkedIn comments. It reads a social media post and generates a reply in a matter of seconds. It’s designed for anyone who wants to engage with their target buyers or customers.

It does not automate commenting on LinkedIn in that you can create a filter of target buyers, and it will open their profiles, find a post and then auto comment. Rather FlyEngage AI is designed to be human-assisted AI which means you can generate comments with AI on LinkedIn posts, but we will not auto-post for you. You are in full and total control with determining what you will post.

Yes. We however, prefer to see it as an AI writing assistant for sales professionals. The goal is to write LinkedIn comments that create sales engagement and showcase you with authenticity. In addition, the goal is to save time because time is money when it comes to scaling sales prospecting

Based on our interviews, and having taught social selling training to tens of thousands, we have determined the following durations for a seller to engage in social selling:

  1. Open a profile for a target buyer and find their latest Linkedin Posts. (2-3 minutes)
  2. Begin looking at all their LinkedIn social media posts to determine which post they could comment on and add relevant insights. (2-7 minutes)
  3. Choose a post and begin writing a thoughtful reply that engages the buyer with relevant hashtags and @mentions the buyer. (3-7 minutes)
  4. Edit the LinkedIn comment before posting (1-3 minutes)

This process could be as little as 8 minutes and as much as 19 minutes per post per customer. In our time motion study, the average seller took 10 minutes to write a LinkedIn comment.

If a seller needs to interact with 40 potential sales prospects each day, this would take between 5.33 and 12.66 hours per day just for social media sales engagement. That is just not humanely possible on a daily basis.

Therefore engagement is difficult to scale for most sellers. 

FlyMSG’s vision has always been rooted in saving you a minimum of 1-hour a day by eliminating the mundane time-consuming tasks and social media engagement is no different.

So how much can someone save? With Fly Engage AI you can bring commenting down to 7 -90 seconds. This includes, editing, tagging and personalizing. 

In otherwords, it’s a tremendous time savings.

Yes it does! You can use Fly engage AI directly in Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Premium or free LinkedIn. In fact, we’re the only platform that does work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You may use it from the LinkedIn newsfeed on either LinkedIn or Sales Navigator or within an individual’s profile. You may also use it in the LinkedIn preview mode and on LinkedIn Articles. Finally, you can also use Fly Engage AI with a LinkedIn Company Page too.

FlyMSG AI is the category name that houses all AI products like: FlyEngage AI and FlyPosts AI.
FlyEngage AI is a LinkedIn AI Comment Generator or tool and FlyPosts AI is an AI Post Generator. One does the commenting one does the creation of the actual social media posts.

Remember that anything you share on LinkedIn (unless you have adjusted the settings to make it visible only to your network) will be accessible to the public. However, we are using Google Vertex AI – Palm 2 and Gemini Pro which powers Google Gemini, and we are using Microsofts Azure OpenAI which leverages ChatGPT. Both of these solutions are enterprise-grade AI solutions and neither train the public LLM.

Whatever language the post is written in we will read it and provide a response back in that language. We support up to 39 languages, and they are:


Arabic (ar)
Bengali (bn)
Bulgarian (bg)
Chinese simplified
Chinese traditional (zh)
Croatian (hr)
Czech (cs)
Danish (da)
Dutch (nl)
English (en)
Estonian (et)
Finnish (fi)
French (fr)
German (de)
Greek (el)
Hebrew (iw)
Hindi (hi)
Hungarian (hu)
Indonesian (id)
Italian (it)
Japanese (ja)
Korean (ko)
Latvian (lv)
Lithuanian (lt)
Norwegian (no)
Polish (pl)
Portuguese (pt)
Romanian (ro)
Russian (ru)
Serbian (sr)
Slovak (sk)
Slovenian (sl)
Spanish (es)
Swahili (sw)
Swedish (sv)
Thai (th)
Turkish (tr)
Ukrainian (uk)
Vietnamese (vi)

FlyEngage AI or Fly Engage AI! Call it any of those names or Engage AI heck we don’t care. It’s whatever you want as long as it helps you to engage, start conversations, create sales leads, and works right within your workflow. P.S. We call it FlyEngage AI!

One of the things that makes Fly Engage AI so unique is that no other provider has the 7 years of social selling sales training experience that we have. You may not know this but our first six years in business we grew to become the world’s largest digital sales training company globally. We trained hundreds of thousands of reps on how to engage with buyers. That said, we took those six years of training and feed it into the AI, thus making our LinkedIn Comments far superior to that of any other Engage AI tool out there.

But in answer to your question, yes, there is a way that some might figure it out.

FlyEngage AI is a tool that automates the writing of social media comments. We trained it to sometimes use LinkedIn hashtags and sometimes not. At times it might produce certain comments that could have certain characteristics showing it is using AI to write the comment for the LinkedIn post.

One of the reasons, however, we do not allow “auto-posting” or “automation” is our philosophy is centered around human-assisted AI. This means you must use the great human mind to read and edit the post prior to posting.

Some things that you might see that indicate it’s written by AI might be if you see a \ (slash) or two ** (stars) like: we\ll or **Two Thumbs Up**, then you know this was written by AI.

So what do you do if you see it? Edit the LinkedIn Comment it before posting.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure you always tag the person you’re talking to. Here’s how to tag someone on LinkedIn. This is critical for social selling success and using a social selling tool.

FlyMSG is our flagship product that all product features are a part of.

FlyMSG includes the following features:
1. FlyCuts – A Text Expander feature that allows you to save 1-hour a day by eliminating the mundane repetitive tasks you do every day. This feature is sometimes called an auto text expander.
2. FlyPlates – Is a series of over 400 templates designed to help you communicate with your intended recipient.
3. FlyLearning – Over 14 hours of On-demand Sales Prospecting Training Content. This is available for small sales teams of less than 10 or individuals and sales teams with 10 or more

FlyMSG AI is part of the FlyMSG family and when you sign up for FlyMSG you get everything from FlyMSG and FlyMSG AI.

FlyMSG AI includes:
1. FlyEngage AI – Social media post commenting with AI. Specifically designed to help you engage with AI on LinkedIn.
2. FlyPosts AI – An AI post generator that writes your social media marketing posts.

FlyMSG and FlyMSG AI are designed to support the knowledge worker and specifically the seller.

The main time waster for knowledge workers is writing and repeating tasks daily or weekly. We aim to eliminate those issues.

Oh and yes, you may use FlyMSG Text Expander inside the custom prompt fields of FlyEngage AI and/or FlyPosts AI.

Yes. All you need to do at the end of any of the AI prompts is add “Write in a tone of voice that is PROFESSIONAL, INFORMAL, FORMAL, FRIENDLY, EXCITED, ASSERTIVE, PESSIMISTIC, AND/OR OPTIMISTIC.”

Yes it sure can! By increasing your visibility and engagement on LinkedIn, Fly Engage AI helps you get noticed by industry peers, prospective clients, partners and other professionals. The more you engage through comments, the more likely buyers are to view your profile, follow you and/or even reach out directly. Especially when they are as well written and complete as FlyEngage AI does them. This increased exposure can lead to more connections, conversations, and booked sales deals. 

Because you don’t want your LinkedIn account shut down! Simply put, this type of activity boldly and specifically is a violation of the LinkedIn terms and conditions and your LinkedIn account can and will get shut down. So we aren’t going to take that risk. 

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Rating 4.8

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