Billed monthly
*Billed annually at Free per user

Stop Wasting Time Now

  • FlyMSG  : AI Writing for Email and Social Media (5/day)
  • Access to All General Templates FlyPlates
  • Up to 20 Shortcodes FlyCuts
  • 2,500 Characters per FlyCut
  • Up to 7 Categories & 14 Subcategories
  • Spell Check for English
  • Text Styling Limited to 12 Point Arial Font
Key Features
  • Basic Font Styling
  • Spell Check
  • Import FlyCuts
  • Video Giphy Support


Billed monthly
*Billed annually at $27.00 per user

Everything in Freemium, Plus...

  • FlyMSG : AI Writing for Email and Social Media (10/day)
  • Up to 50 Templates FlyPlates
  • Up to 300 Shortcodes FlyCuts
  • 25,000 Characters per FlyCut
  • Up to 14 Categories & 28 Subcategories
  • Spell Check for All Languages
  • All Fonts in All Font Sizes
Key Features
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Insert Images into FlyCuts and FlyPlates
  • All Text Styling: Italicize, Underline, Bullets, & More
  • Advanced Search


Billed monthly
*Billed annually at $66.00 per user

Everything in Starter, Plus...

  • FlyMSG : AI Writing for Email and Social Media* (30/day)
  • Unlimited Templates FlyPlates
  • Unlimited Shortcodes FlyCuts
  • Unlimited Characters Per FlyCut
  • Unlimited Categories & Subcategories
  • Spell Check for All Languages
  • All Font Sizes & Styles
Key Features
  • Enhanced Text & Paragraph Styling
  • Insert All Media into FlyCuts and FlyPlates
  • Greater File Storage and Retention
  • Supports All Languages

Sales Pro

Billed monthly
*Billed annually at $132.00 per user

Everything in Growth, Plus

Sales Pro
Sales Pro
  • FlyMSG : AI Writing for Email and Social Media (70/day)
  • UNLIMITED Ondemand Access
  • 14+ Hours of Prospecting Training
  • 50+ Prospecting Scripts
  • 13 Messaging Playbooks
  • Quarterly Sales Content Updates
Key Features

Compare All Features

Freemium Starter Growth Sales Pro
FlyMSG : AI Writing for Email and Social Media 5 Prompts/day 10 Prompts/day 30 Prompts/day 70 Prompts/day
Templates FlyPlates Library

Leverage hundreds of ready-to-use templates for all departments (Customer Service, IT, Human Resources, and more)

General +50 Unlimited Unlimited
Shortcuts FlyCuts

Assign a shortcut of your choice to any message or text snippet for any occasion.

20 300 Unlimited Unlimited
Individual FlyCut Character Limit

Determines the number of characters you can include inside of a single message.

2500 25000 Unlimited Unlimited

Organize your messages in folder categories to streamline productivity.

7 14 Unlimited Unlimited
Subcategory / Subfolder 14 28 Unlimited Unlimited
FlyMSG Version History

Need to restore a message? Access previous versions of your messages and restore them according to your preference.

20 100 999 Unlimited
Spell Check (Language)

Review and correct your spelling and grammar.

English All All All
Giphy for FlyMSG

Search, navigate and insert your favorite giphs into your messages.

Font Sizes 12 All All All
Font Types Arial All All All
Access to FlyCuts Imports Wizard
Access to FlyCuts Import Wizard

Streamline communication by sharing your messages with your friends or colleagues so they can use them too!

Browser Extension for Edge and Chrome
Rich Text Editor

Make it fun by inserting emojis to any of your messages. 😀

Video Giphy Support
Embed Media

Insert media from YouTube and Vimeo into your messages.

Bullet Points
Numbered Lists
Background Color
Clear Formatting
Block Styling (Headings)
Message Preview
Alignment Change (Left/Centered/Right)
Increase Indent
Decrease Indent
Font Color
FlyLearning: Digital Sales Prospecting Training
14+ Hours of Sales Prospecting Education
50+ Prospecting Scripts & Messaging Playbooks
Quarterly Sales Content Updates
Image Upload Size 1MB 5MB 20MB 20MB
Total Media Storage 0.5GB 5GB 20GB 20GB
LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Integration

Leverage FlyMSG native integration inside for LinkedIn and Sales Navigator messaging.

Leverage FlyMSG Native Integration for Gmail and Outlook
Right Click - Open Dashboard

Right-click anywhere on the web to get immediate access to FlyMSG dashboard.

Search Bar Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
FlyCut Timeout Settings

Customize the typing speed for messages to be deployed.

Self-Paced Onboarding Wizard
Email Support
Chat Support
Free 30-min Personalized Onboarding Session no no no


You can purchase FlyMSG with any major credit card. It’s totally secure, and we use Stripe for all of our payment processing.

The main difference between our Freemium and Starter plans is that Freemium is free and only offers the basic features you need to get started with FlyMSG while the Starter plan allows for the use of more FlyPlates, the creation of more FlyCuts as well as access to all styling options.

With our Growth plan, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of FlyCuts, FlyPlates, categories, and subcategories and unlimited access to characters and styling options. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to access our spell check features in any language you want. If you’re looking for increased flexibility and variance within your communications, our Growth plan is perfect for you. It is the most common plan used by our users.

Before you cancel, consider pausing your subscription for a month. Perhaps that will help your budget. You can do this under the Subscription section within settings. We’d hate to see you go, but if you don’t want to Type Less and Do More, then all you need to do is cancel the renewal within FlyMSG under the Subscription tab in settings.

We truly believe in our proven process and the power of FlyMSG that it’s highly unlikely you’ll ask for a refund. However, you should know there is no refund policy. Once you cancel, you’ll have access to use the application through the end of that billing cycle, and you won’t be charged for the next. Please note that once you cancel, you’ll be downgraded to a free plan, which means most of your FlyCuts formatting will be lost. If you are over the limit of FlyCuts or characters, you will be locked out from using them until you purchase a subscription.

Yes, you will be automatically charged each year on the anniversary date of your subscription at the full retail price regardless of any discount provided to you at the time of purchase. With your annual subscription, you will have access each year to all existing content, all-new FlyPlates and FlyCuts, technical support, and all-new features launched to support your subscription. The name will appear as “Vengreso - FlyMSG Starter or Growth Plan”.

If I have questions before I buy, who do I contact? If you have any questions about FlyMSG, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure that you’re confident in your purchase. Schedule a meeting right now by clicking here.

We offer chat and email support to HeySupport at Vengreso dot com for all our plans and education solutions. On our Starter and Growth plan, a customer service agent will be readily available to answer your questions from 8-5pm CST. On our Freemium plan, your requests get processed and replied to within 2-3 business days.

When you hit your limits in our Freemium plan, you will no longer be able to create additional FlyCuts, use new FlyPlates, or possibly utilize the plan’s included features.

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