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Giving 1 Billion Knowledge Workers Back One Hour Every Day
By Eliminating Mundane Repetitive Tasks
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What is FlyMSG?

FlyMSG is the Best Text Expander
and AI Writing Assistant

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What is FlyMSG?

FlyMSG Do More.
Play Video about FlyMSG Do More.
FlyMSG is the Best Text Expander and AI Writing Assistant
Get FlyMSG. It's free!

Who We Help

It doesn’t matter if you work in sales, marketing, customer service, human resources, or any other department. Everyone has repeatable messages or snippets of content they’ve written and reuse over and over again.

With FlyMSG, our SaaS-based technology, you can eliminate wasted time and increase your productivity by 1-hour per day or more.

Our History

In December 2020, we launched FlyMSG for one very specific use case: to support our sales prospecting training program. Fast-forward exactly 1-year later, and we discovered that one use case turned into 100’s more! It was then that we realized we had a product-led growth company exploding right before our eyes.

In 2022, after 5-years as a training company, we decided to pivot Vengreso into a productivity management software company with an abundance of education to help not just sellers, but every knowledge worker in the world save 1-hour a day!

FlyMSG by Vengreso. Type Less. Do More.
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You may be wondering: Are we getting rid of our sales training? The answer is of course not! We invested over 10,000 hours in intellectual capital into our education content. Now, with FlyMSG, any seller or business owner can leverage that same great educational content to create more conversations with qualified buyers.
Vengreso Timeline 2022-2023
A diagram illustrating the disparity between ventas and ingresos in Vengreso.

Our name matches our focus:

To help you accelerate productivity and increase revenue.

Originally, we built Vengreso as a sales training company to help sales book more meetings and
grow sales pipeline. The result? We helped over 2000+ companies grow sales and revenue.
Our name perfectly reflected our focus over the last five years. And now?

It sure does! As you increase productivity of a knowledge worker, you also increase revenue for
the company! Furthermore, FlyMSG is still going to serve the sales community. Thus, the name
Vengreso still applies today.

Why Vengreso?

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At Vengreso, we are committed to your success. We are proud to facilitate growth within our team and have the ability to take your career to the next level.

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