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What People Are Saying

Roy Sargent
Roy Sargent
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You can create templates to use anywhere in Chrome and cut the time required waaaay down. I spend less time thinking and more time communicating.
Mahdi Murad
Mahdi Murad
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Great tool. I save so much time using this tool. Magical.
Joey Bahr
Joey Bahr
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Great way to save time and use a consistent message on sales communications.
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Get Your Time Back and Do What Matters Most

With a few short keystrokes, FlyMSG reduces the time it takes for you to complete repetitive tasks. Using our auto text expander, FlyMSG, saves you 20+ hours a month, allowing you to do more in less time.

Communicate More Efficiently with an Auto Text Expander

Categorize, organize, and store your best-performing messages or snippets in the cloud with FlyMSG so you can deploy them anywhere within seconds, not minutes.


Increase Engagement Through Consistency

FlyMSG’s content storage and text expansion capabilities allow you to quickly leverage branded content, making it easy for you to maintain consistent language and tonal uniformity.

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This Auto Text Expander Works
Everywhere Online

Our auto text expander and personal writing assistant integrates with your most critical online apps and tools so you can effortlessly communicate.

Auto Text Expander Works on Gmail


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Slack


Auto Text Expander Works Seamlessly on Drift


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Outlook Web

Outlook Web

Auto Text Expander Works on Facebook


Auto Text Expander Works on HubSpot


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Salesforce


Auto Text Expander Works on Gmail


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Slack


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Twitter


Auto Text Expander Works on Google Docs

Google Docs

Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Teamwork


Auto Text Expander Works on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator

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Introducing FlyMSG AI!

FlyEngage AI
LinkedIn Commenting At Scale

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and repetitive task of engaging with your LinkedIn network, and say hello to a smarter, more efficient way to engage, connect, convert and sell. Now you can effortlessly engage with your target audience with a personalized comment that resonates and captivates thier attention.

FlyPosts AI
Your AI Post Generator

Elevate your LinkedIn game to new heights with FlyPosts AI, your ultimate companion for generating compelling, relevant, and attention-grabbing scial media posts. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to effortless content creation, powered by cutting-edge AI.

Auto Text Expander FAQs

A cloud-based application that shortens repetitive text with keyboard strokes (we call it a FlyCut!), an auto text expander quickly inserts text when a unique order of keys is hit. A text expander can be used to replace commonly used phrases, paragraphs, codes, and templates that appear in your work tasks. It is basically like your personal writing assistant. Our personal writing assistant and auto text expander is known as FlyMSG. It also an AI writing assistant on several fronts which include an AI Post Generator and an engage AI solution that helps you write LinkedIn comments.

Yes. An auto text expander is just another name for text expander. They do the exact same thing and offer the exact same function. Both categories fall into text expansion tools. But not all text expanders are created equal!

Text expanders are a powerful productivity tool to enhance both business and personal productivity. By automating repetitive typing tasks, they save time and effort, allowing you to focus on higher-level activities.

Some of the business benefits include allowing you to streamline workflows and ensure consistency in communication. Businesses can create standardized snippets or keyboard shortcuts for frequently used phrases, canned responses, automate data entry, meeting request email templates, and even product descriptions, guaranteeing brand consistency across all teams. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and professionalism in client communication.

Personal Benefits: Increase operational efficiency, personal productivity and personalize communication far more quickly than you can typing everything out. Individuals can leverage text expanders for frequently used email greetings, addresses, or even complex signatures. Additionally, text expanders can be used to store and insert personalized snippets like jokes, inspirational quotes, or disclaimers, adding a touch of personality to your communication.

The short answer is yes, there are plenty of free auto text expanders. However, user beware: not all text expanders are created equally. For example, when we created FlyMSG we wanted to ensure that users were able to:

  1. Roll back to previous versions of text they used before. There isn’t a text expander on the market that can do that except FlyMSG.
  2. Since majority of FlyMSG users are in sales or customer service something that was very important was being able to see the number of words or characters in any message template. FlyMSG does that for free.
  3. Our favorite configuration for all users including free users is what we called rich text to simple text conversion. Many users will hyperlink words but when you deploy that message out on simple text platforms like LinkedIn messaging, you lose the hyper link. Not with FlyMSG! 

Within FlyMSG, you can create shortcuts, called FlyCuts, using any combination of keyboard strokes (including emojis!), that are assigned to a message or snippet. From there, just head on over to the app of your choice – Gmail, Google Doc, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc – and type in the FlyCut you created to see your message or snippet magically appear in seconds!

Just think of text replacement for a mac or as a text expander for windows. As long as you’re using these types of productivity apps, you won’t be unhappy because they will give you time back and help you schedule your day out much better than if you weren’t using these types of productivity tools

Head to the Google Chrome Extension Store or Edge Marketplace, search for FlyMSG, and hit “Add to Chrome” or “Get” on Edge. You’ll be prompted to create an account and enter an onboarding journey that will teach you how to create FlyCuts and fully maximize your new FlyMSG account to save you time. Within a matter of minutes you’ll be up and running in no time. 

To use FlyMSG in LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, make sure that you have the FlyMSG extension added to Google Chrome or Edge and that you are logged into FlyMSG. Once logged in, head to LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator and click into a text box, either through the Messages tab or “Create a post”. Type in a FlyCut and see your text automatically expand.

The FlyMSG text expander is really easy to use and works the same way on every website. When drafting an email, type in the assigned FlyCut and see it expand within the editor without any further work required on your part. In addition, FlyMSG auto text expander has a plugin to help you boost productivity. This plugin is embedded directly into your compose message and or reply’s to a message. So if you forget your keyboard shortcut all you have to do is search for it in the plugin and after using the preview panel, click it to insert it directly into Gmail. Viola!

Yes! Please make sure that the FlyMSG extension is turned on and showing the purple FM icon in your chrome extensions. If it’s showing in grey then you will need to log into your text expander account. Make note-taking a breeze and start saving 20+ hours/month with this new productivity tool.

The ideal text expander is the one that aligns most closely with your personal use and/or business requirements. For individual users with a single device, a text expander on Windows or Mac could be the most suitable option. However, we would encourage you to still try a SaaS solution as all of the “new product features” for new use cases will be pushed via a SaaS based text expander vs. one embedded into your machine. 

In addition, if you use multiple devices, a Chrome or Edge extension like FlyMSG might be more appropriate. FlyMSG is compatible with an Apple, Microsoft, and other platforms, as long as your device supports Chrome or an Edge extensions.

If however, you are using a text expander for sales outreach well then hands down there is no other option than FlyMSG Sales Pro for Individuals or FlyMSG Sales Pro for Teams. No platform out there comes close to supporting the business owner or seller like we do. 

The best expander on the market especially for sellers includes four features, they are:

1. FlyLearning – 14 hours of On-demand Digital Sales Prospecting training content (LinkedIn, Video, Messaging) on:

  • How to write messaging and give you the tool to quickly “deploy that messaging”
  • How to “engage on LinkedIn” to engage their buyers
  • How to “publish thought leadership content” to attract their buyers

2. FlyMSG – The Auto Text Expander – Helps sellers “deploy messaging” anywhere on line.

3. FlyEngage AI – Used for “engaging with AI on LinkedIn” to help sellers speed up commenting.
4. FlyPosts AI – Used for “creating thought leadership” content to speed up post creation on LinkedIn.

Finally, we recommend you consider the extension puts on your browser. Some text expander extensions are HEAVY  and will slow down your machine. If you need advice to improve your Chrome browser here is a blog on how to speed up Chrome.

We are glad you asked about alternatives to TextExpander, Get Magical, and Text Blaze. We like to believe FlyMSG is the best choice as an alternative for text expansion tool. There are several reason for recommending our productivity app over any other and we encourage you to check them out here: 

  1. Magical text expander & autofill Alternative
  2. TextExpander Alternatives
  3. Text Blaze Alternative

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