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Why Sales Teams Use FlyMSG

To streamline personal productivity

To learn how to prospect better

To communicate more efficiently

To create better engagement

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Save 1-Hour a Day

Create, customize, store, and deploy repeatable messages with just a few keystrokes, a.k.a. FlyCuts. Save valuable time spent on outreach and focus on what matters most: prospecting better and closing more deals.

Send Personalized Outreach in a Flash

Easily access, personalize, and send over 50 industry-standard messaging templates FlyPlates to your prospects or create your own. FlyMSG offers a multitude of customization features that make it easy for you and your team to get the right message to the right person in record time.
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Go Beyond Your Inbox for Conversations

Every sales professional knows that better leads come when you diversify your method of outreach. In addition to FlyMSG expanding text anywhere online, FlyMSG’s Sales Pro Plan has hours upon hours of education that can be used and tailored to any online touchpoint, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, your CRM, email, WhatsApp, and more.

Do More With Your CRM

Don’t let routine data entry be the task that slows down your day. Use FlyCuts to take quick detailed notes on sales calls and meetings directly within your CRM.
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Our Features

Start More Conversations

Increase the volume of leads you reach every day with just a few keystrokes. With your custom library of FlyCuts and our robust library of FlyPlates, you’ll be able to reach more prospects and sell more.

Use Anywhere Online

Use FlyMSG anywhere online. Whether you use LinkedIn, HubSpot, Gmail, WhatsApp, or other platforms, FlyMSG will be there to ease your communications.

Get Started in Seconds

FlyMSG is super easy to start and navigate. All you need to do is add FlyMSG as an extension to your preferred browser to get started.

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