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Scale more efficiently by eliminating wasted time with your personal writing assistant.
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Why Business Owners Use FlyMSG

To communicate more effectively

To create consistency across messages

To stay ahead of the competition

To automate repeatable tasks and messages

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Save 1-Hour a Day

Stop wasting valuable time on data entry, reporting, marketing messaging, and internal documentation. When you use FlyMSG, you can save up to 20 hours a month on average.

Quickly Connect
with Stakeholders

Maintain and nurture your most important partnerships with your FlyCuts or our pre-written, industry-standard templates FlyPlates. All you need to do is type a FlyCut to instantly deploy a reply, and personalize as needed before sending.
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Onboard Clients with Ease

Establish a smooth onboarding process with FlyMSG. Easily send out agendas, documentation, emails, and follow-ups to your clients with just a few keystrokes, a.k.a. your FlyCuts.

Increase Your Pipeline in Less Time

Rapidly follow-up and close more deals using an auto text expander like FlyMSG. Turn your highest-converting messages, emails, LinkedIn connection requests, and more into FlyCuts so you can focus more on selling and less on copy & paste.
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Our Features

Make Smarter Decisions

Stop wasting time typing out routine messages and data entries, and focus more on growing your business. Regain 20 hours a month on average in productivity with FlyMSG.

Access Anywhere Online

Easily deploy your FlyCuts and FlyPlates anywhere online. Whether you use LinkedIn, HubSpot, Gmail, or more, FlyMSG will be there to ease your communications.

Get Set Up in Seconds

FlyMSG is super easy to install and navigate. All you need to do is add FlyMSG as an extension to your preferred browser to get started.

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