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Business Owners

Level up your digital selling skills today and get more hellos.

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Individual Sellers

Become a master prospector and never again miss your quota.

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Small Sales Teams

Perfect for sales teams (9 or less) looking to increase pipeline & revenue.

Only $132/year

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You'll Receive Access to FlyLearning the
On-Demand Sales Prospecting Education

Duration: 6 Hours

Who Should Take this Course
Individual Sellers, Business Owners, and Sales Teams.

Course Objective(s)
During this course, you will learn how to leverage LinkedIn to prospect better and sell more. In addition, you will learn everything you need to know to gain access to more qualified buyers and how to convert online conversations into offline conversations.

Course Availability: Available Immediately

What Will You learn?
LinkedIn Sales Mastery is the most advanced, richest and proven course on the market. Establish yourself as a digital sales powerhouse in this 6-phase on-demand course that includes:

  1. Phase 1 – Mindset: During this phase, you’ll learn why it’s so important to adapt to today’s modern buyer and you’ll unlock secrets in your personal settings.
  2. Phase 2 – Branding: In this phase, you’ll get access to the LinkedIn Profile Mastery on-demand learning. We’ll take you from head (banner) to toe (recommendations) on how to reconstruct your profile to “attract” your target buyer. We like to say we’ll help you “bring your sexy” back to LinkedIn.
  3. Phase 3 – Find and Engage: You have a powerful tool called LinkedIn, but you want to actually find the right people and prepare them to turn an online interaction into an offline discussion, right? We got you. This phase will take you through the deep search and engagement techniques you need to crush LinkedIn.
  4. Phase 4 – Connect: Whether you are focusing on Inbound or Outbound we will help you take all of those techniques and tips from Phase 3 and teach you how to convert those likes, comments, shares, profile views into actual connections. And… we’ll help show you how to turn those connections into conversations.
  5. Phase 5 – Feed your Network: With this phase, we’ll take you through how to curate content, create content and even showcase the advanced LinkedIn algorithm hacks so you can be seen.
  6. Phase 6 – Cadence: Finally in this phase, we’ll show you how to wrap it all up daily, weekly, and/or monthly cadences whether you're using LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes of additional learning added to LinkedIn Sales Mastery

Course Objective(s)
Sales Navigator Mastery will help you understand how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and unlock all its features. But, most importantly, it will show you why you should perform each sales activity within the tool. We like to think of this as the best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training you'll ever find. 

Course Availability
Available immediately. Learning material is embedded into LinkedIn Sales Mastery.

What Will You learn?
During this portion of learning, you will learn how to:

  1. Change your settings to be found
  2. Use Advanced Filtering and Boolean Search
  3. Leverage list building
  4. Save vs. Follow Leads
  5. Do Account Mapping
  6. Engage Shared Connections and TeamLink
  7. Leverage your Navigator Home Feed

Duration: 1.5 hours

Course Objective(s)
Do you want to stand out from the competition and make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to your target audience? Learn how to transform your profile from a resume to a resource that starts more sales conversations. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to level up each section of your profile.

Course Availability
Available Immediately

What Will You learn?
In this course, you will learn how to masterfully develop your own personal brand on LinkedIn that attracts your key target buyer, helps you build yourself as a thought leader, and/or helps set yourself up to be found for whatever reason you’d like.

Once you have completed this course called LinkedIn Profile Mastery, also known as the Branding phase and have applied/completed all of the teachings, you would have transformed your profile to garnish a lot of attention. from the banner down to the recommendations section.

This is not a done-for-you service. Rather this is a training course that we teach you the top secrets on how to transform your profile from quota crushing sales expert to a valuable resource.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Course Objective(s)
Mastering Video Engagement is one of our flagship training programs for sales teams which has been transformed into a learning course for the individual seller. The goal of this on-demand training program is to help sellers develop the skills and confidence needed to create more engaging sales videos that help you book more meetings.

Course Availability
Available immediately.

What will I learn?
When going through this program sellers will develop the soft skills and confidence to create engaging videos for their buyers. Second only to being face-to-face with a person, video is the best way to humanize communication in the sales process.

Through sales video, prospects can see facial expressions, hand gestures, and personality. These are key elements of nonverbal communication that are lost when sellers only communicate through voice calls or text messages. The key is to create an omnichannel approach to buyer engagement.

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. Differentiate yourself
  2. Be irresistible on camera
  3. Leverage verbal and non-verbal cues
  4. Send personalized video for sales messages
  5. Use video messaging platform
  6. Know the best times to send videos
  7. Write effective scripts
  8. Create landing pages
  9. Track the results

Duration: Approximately 35 minutes

Course Objective(s)
This course will teach you how to master the best free speed writing sales tool (aka text expander) so you can increase your customer engagement, streamline productivity, and communicate more effectively.

Course Availability
Available Immediately

What Will You Learn?
FlyMSG™ is the FREE text expander and personal writing assistant for anyone but especially powerful for salespeople, business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers who regularly send messages to buyers such as LinkedIn connection requests, email prospecting messages, inMails, etc.

Copy and Paste! What a Waste!

Likely, you’re leveraging a Word document, Google Doc, Notepad, a draft email with many “templates”, Evernote, Onenote and the list goes on. Throw it all away and learn to increase your productivity exponentially.

In this course you will learn how to:

  1. Unlock your Sales Productivity with FlyMSG™ by Expanding Text with a Few Short Keystrokes
  2. Add FlyMSG™ to Chrome
  3. Make the Most of the FlyBoard within FlyMSG™ to Increase Your Selling Time
  4. Use FlyPlates to Create the Perfect Sales Template and Grow Revenue
  5. Organize your Sales Effectiveness and Templates Through Categories
  6. Increase Productivity by Adding a FlyCut to FlyMSG™
  7. Use FlyMSG™ with Rich Text or Simple Text for Your Sales Messages
  8. Take Your Sales Messages on the Fly by Testing Them Using FlyMSG™

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Course Objective(s)
This course will teach you how to master the art of sales messaging whether it is on email, LinkedIn Inmails, a voicemail, or text. You can increase your customer engagement with understanding the three parts of a sales message. We call it the PVC Sales Methodology.

Course Availability
Available Immediately

What Will You learn?
In this on-demand learning, you will explore the three parts of any message: Personalization (P), Value (V), and a Call-to-action (C).

Using the PVC Sales Method, you'll be able to construct any cold outreach in any medium to capture your audiences' attention.

Using the PVC Sales Method you'll be able to construct any cold outreach in any medium to capture your audiences attention.

In this course you will learn how to:

  1. Unlock Your Buyers Mindset on Cold Messaging
  2. What a Bad Cold-Email Message Looks like
  3. The Three Parts of Any Sales Message Regardless of the Medium Used
  4. How Long a Message Should Be
  5. How to Construct a Subject Line that Captures Your Buyers Attention
  6. How a Salutation Impacts Engagement (Hey vs. Hi vs. Hello).

Duration: Approximately 40 minutes

Course Objective(s)
Social trigger events are excellent engagement opportunities to engage with your buyers and can easily lead to sales conversations.

During this course you’ll learn where to find these events on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, so you can use them to start sales conversations, build relationships, and create a healthier sales pipeline.

Course Availability
Available Immediately

What Will You learn?

In this course you will learn:

  1. What are Social Selling Trigger Events?
  2. How to Find the Trigger Events with LinkedIn
  3. How to Use Sales Navigator Alerts
  4. Types of Messaging Templates that can be Used to Respond to Trigger Events
  5. How to Leverage FlyMSG to Deploy Your Favorite Templates
  6. How to Leverage Mobile Shortcuts to Create Engagement

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes 

Course Objective(s)
During this course you will learn how to leverage native video on LinkedIn to create engagement with potential customers.

Available immediately.

What Will You learn?
There are five key areas that will be covered, and they are:

1. Why Make Native Video on LinkedIn a Priority
2. Core Native Video Characteristics
3. 12 Different Ways you can Use Native Video
4. How to Amplify and Make your LinkedIn Native Video Posts Go Viral
5. How to Leverage Video Analytics for Selling

This course should only be taken after completing the LinkedIn Sales Mastery course.

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Course Objective(s)
Have you ever wished for a checklist of things you could do to have more quality and qualified conversations leveraging LinkedIn?

Your wish is our command!

Our own “LinkedIn expert”, Cofounder and author of “101 ways to Rock LinkedIn”, Viveka von Rosen, has created this course to get you started. 

The best part... You will receive the book sold on Amazon for FREE!

Course Availability
Available Immediately

What Will You Learn?
During this course you will learn how to: 

  1. Unlock the Secret Sauce to Driving Success on LinkedIn from Arguably one of the World's Most Well Known LinkedIn Experts
  2. Get a Peek into the Content of the Book
  3. Find Easy Tips to Master Ways to Rock LinkedIn
  4. Get a Free Copy of the Book

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

Course Objective(s)
Are any of these things true of you? You’re in a relationship- and referral-based business. You have a complex sale and long sales cycle. You want to recruit and retain top talent. You need more people to say “yes” to you more often.

If so, then you need to learn the philosophy and practice of human-centered communication. As we work more and more in digital environments, attention and trust are harder to build.

During this course you'll learn how we got here and what more than a dozen experts recommend to break through, build trust, and continue to produce results.

Best of all you'll receive a full download of the book, which is available on Amazon for purchase.

Course Availability
Available Immediately

What Will You Learn?
During this course you will learn about: 

  1. 2 Specific Events Over the Past 250 Years that Fundamentally Affect Us Today
  2. 5 Fundamental Truths that Make Attention Harder and Trust More Important
  3. How You’re Training Your Prospects, Recruits, Customers, and Employees – for Better or for Worse?
  4. The 3 Components of a Human-centered Design (for Your Product, Service, Cadence, Sequence, Email, Sales Presentation, etc.)
  5. How 200+ Revenue Leaders Define Customer Experience
  6. 3 Times to Send a Video Message Instead of More Faceless, Typed-out Text

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FlyEngage AI
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Say goodbye to the time-consuming and repetitive task of engaging with your LinkedIn network, and say hello to a smarter, more efficient way to engage, connect, convert and sell. Now you can effortlessly engage with your target audience with a personalized comment that resonates and captivates thier attention.

FlyPosts AI
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Elevate your LinkedIn game to new heights with FlyPosts AI, your ultimate companion for generating compelling, relevant, and attention-grabbing scial media posts. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to effortless content creation, powered by cutting-edge AI.

What's Included In
FlyMSG Sales Pro for Individuals?

Vengreso Client Testimonial Immediate ROI on Modern Sales Mastery
Play Video about Vengreso Client Testimonial Immediate ROI on Modern Sales Mastery

Only $132/year

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Benefits of Your Subscription

Vengreso MSM Certificate Badge

And - Best of All - You Get All This for About $0.36 a Day

Only $132/year

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This Sales Prospecting Training Program Really Works!

Here is What Sales People and Business Owners Are Saying

I’ve been doing this my whole life on LinkedIn – but when I saw your methodology and your process I thought – ‘why not try this…’ Of course, the 5 prospects I reached out to, I got a 100% success rate and set up five meetings!
A sales pro individual in a black shirt smiling in an orange circle.
Mike Moore
International Sales Consultant
I went into this training experience thinking I already knew a lot about how to use LinkedIn. Wow, I am blown away by how much I’ve learned and I’m immediately putting into action in my sales cadence.
A smiling sales pro in a blue jacket.
Alice Heiman
Business Owner
I really enjoyed the tools and best practices in the training. My results have been great! The week after I finished the training, I started to increase my conversations with prospects. I have had leads come to me to say “lets have some conversations.”
A black and white photo featuring a woman with long hair.
Lindsay Huckabee
VP of Sales of a Small Business
I was blown away by the detailed information and the step-by-step process in the program. I was tempted to skip ahead because the interface was so engaging. I resisted the temptation. I did the work to revise my summary and experience sections as I learned in the course, and it’s paying off. This course is for anyone serious about improving their sales results. We can never stop learning.
Joanne Black
Joanne Black
I’d only been using the tip of the Sales Navigator iceberg… now I’m applying all my newly learned wisdom bombs to enhance my profile, obtain more credible referral introductions, and have many more target buyer conversations.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Business Owner

Only $132/year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual sales professionals and small sales teams of 9 or less who want to prospect better and build more sales pipeline. Business owners looking to create a sales process for themselves and their team to steadily bring in new customers through digital sales prospecting. Entrepreneurs looking to establish relationships that turn into opportunities.


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Yes, you will be automatically charged each year on the anniversary date of your subscription at the full retail price regardless of any one-time discounts provided to you at the time of purchase. You can check out all of the FlyMSG pricing plans online too. Modern Sales Mastery is offered as part of the the FlyMSG Sales Pro plan and is billed both monthly or on an annual subscription billing model. With your subscription, you will have access each month or year to all the existing content, all new learning courses, the Monthly All-Access Pass, plus Exclusive Forum Access, eMail Support, and Live Events. Of course, you will also receive unlimited access to FlyMSG the Text Expander so long as you have an active subscription.

We’d hate to see you go but if you don’t want to prospect better and sell more then all you need to do is downgrade within FlyMSG subscription settings or you may provide written notice to of your intent not to renew at least 1-day prior to the renewal date.

If you follow and implement our proven process, yes. What we teach in our program adds thousands of dollars into our pipeline each month and it’s helped many business owners, sellers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and sales teams from Fortune 100 companies who have applied the methods we teach within this program.

In addition, to the sales education you will also receive unlimited access to FlyMSG the Text Expander to help you quickly deploy sales messages to anyone and anywhere. 

Purchasing Modern Sales Mastery is part of the FlyMSG Sales Pro Plan. You can access Modern Sales Mastery inside of FlyMSG by clicking the FlyLearning button on the left hand navigation. You can sign up with any major credit card and simply select the FlyMSG Sales Pro Plan.

Once your purchase is complete you’ll be given access to FlyMSG. Within FlyMSG there is a module called FlyLearning. From there you'll be able to access Modern Sales Mastery. Simply start taking the courses by adding them to your learning.

Investing in yourself can feel challenging, especially if you’ve already invested in other tools and programs to help generate more leads.

Maybe you feel like the FlyMSG Sales Pro plan is a big investment right now. Other sales professionals and business owners have felt the same way in the past.

When you implement the strategies in this program, you’ll be empowered to set up more sales conversations and generally have more “at bats” making your investment in this program one of your best decisions.

This program is in either a monthly or annual online subscription. You will have access for as long as you pay for it. The subscription will auto renew each month or at the 12-month anniversary period. Of course, you can cancel the annual renewal of your subscription before the anniversary date within FlyMSG or by notifying before your subscription renews.

We truly believe in our proven process and the power of this program. We have invested 10,000 (and counting) hours to create this sales prospecting training program. We don’t know of any other program that is this comprehensive.

We stand behind the content we teach in this program 100% and we are so convinced that it will work for you that we offer a month to month plan. If it's not right for you, you can simply downgrade to a Growth, Starter or Freemium plan on FlyMSG at the end of the next billing cycle.

If you are on a FlyMSG Sales Pro monthly plan we will bill your credit card each month through our partner Stripe. If you cancel the subscription during any given month you won't be billed again for the following month and you'll have access through the end of that months billing cycle.

If you are on an annual billing plan, you will be auto billed each year on the anniversary of your subscription start date by our partner Stripe. There are no refunds allowed. We will be happy to stop billing for the following year and you will have access to FlyMSG Sales Pro plan for the remainder of the current annual billing cycle. 

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