One Little Word. One Big Difference. "You" "We"

The Impact of You-phrasing on Customer Conversations

Report analyzing the impact of "You-We" phrasing on customer conversations.

Can a single word choice materially change the way your customers react to your sales and marketing messages? Specifically, should you use the word “we” or “you” to underpin your customer conversations?

That’s what we set out to discover in our latest research project, conducted in partnership with Corporate Visions and Professor Nick Lee of the Warwick Business School. While most agree you-phrasing—describing challenges and solutions in the second person, from the customer’s perspective—is the most impactful approach to customer messaging, the majority still we-phrase their most critical conversations.

What’s more, they do so deliberately, using the word “we” to establish a sense of shared purpose that predisposes the customer to buy.

But does it?

Not according to our research. So why do so many sellers and marketers still adopt “we” phrasing as their preferred approach? How might they be sabotaging themselves as a result? And, most importantly, what can they do to correct it?

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